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I am a bi guy who has some experience with guys before, but this is the story of my first contact with the cock... I talked with Al a few weeks after he sent me, I would say how horny I had my photos and see if they would be interested in knowing. To be honest I was a little nervous after hanging up well, but was finally found the courage to organize a meeting... He picked me up at the station near his place. I could see the bulge in his pants as soon as he jumped in the car and felt my cock stirring in action. After a brief chat, I reached out and started running his hand, thighs, increasing the bulk... " We're almost at me," he said. And a little disappointed, I withdrew my hand... not always wait long, however. He referred me to the sofa in his room and sat down while he disappeared into the kitchen to fix drinks. In his comeback, he put the cup in front of me and undid his pants. He called and I felt his cock through his underwear. I could feel tingling emotion spread through my body as I slowly edge of the fighters on his cock. Already half upright and the biggest I've seen... , I was nervous in my hands and was playing with my new toy. I lean forward letting my tongue around his swollen testicles and shaft before sliding my lips over his cock hot. Al shook his head and grabbed and pushed his cock in my mouth. I felt it getting stronger and bigger, not even in its entire length into my mouth shut. His hands were in firm ass cheeks, encouraged him to fuck my mouth, my lips sliding up and down his shaft. I moved my hand to grab the ball and when I did, he turned away. "Cum You're'll when you use it," he said. I got out and ran my tongue around the tip of his throbbing cock today. "Turn around and make these jeans so I can see your ass little tight," he said. I turned and knelt on the xhamster couch, get out of seductively my jeans and my boxers knocked down easily adjusted suspend the ass. He gave her a quick hug before leaving my cheeks and teasing my tight hole with his finger. He stood behind me and I felt his cock rubbing my bare ass. "Come with me," he said, pointing to his bedroom. I took the cup and poured poured before one. It xhamster did the trick and took some of my nerves... When you reach the bedroom I pulled my pants down completely and leaned over the bed, spreading my ass cheeks with xhamster my hands on. He sat behind me and slowly took his tongue around my tight hole. "You like licking my ass down?" 'I asked. My response was a muffled " mmmm", as my face was planted on xhamster the cover.... When he got up again, I knew that soon his big cock in me and my hard drive was almost unbearable. I looked back and saw him tear the condom and rubbed some lube on his cock huge. the drippered by the cold a little more lubricant on my ass and rubbed his thumb. A wave of joy as his hot tip I touched my lips pouty. " Go slow," I begged, as he pressed against me. I pushed a little back, and soon I felt in me, acorn soon followed by his thick venous axis. I could feel my ass stretch like never before, as he slid deeper into me moaned as he grabbed my ass and took me on his cock. He looked so far in my little ass allow it, and he paused, "my cock? " He asked. Again the response was muted, since now biting hard on the quilt. slowly started to fuck me in and out, long and deep, which was always faster. I was in heaven, his cock felt amazing and I was soon moaning loudly for him to fuck me faster and faster. Needless to say, that he committed. After a few minutes of joy slowed and slipped his cock from my ass. " You want me to ride, you get ontop of my dick ?" Asked. I CERtaintly have. She lay on the bed and sat astride his rock hard cock, slowly lowering me to it. My ass was enough to drop in pretty easily, although I was still panting, stretched as it penetrated me. I grabbed the buttocks as he slid his shaft, and lift your knees so that he could thrust deeper into me. I reached behind me and squeezed his balls, Al groaned and I knew that it was not long before he arrived, but I had enough of his cock in my ass just... that got out of the tail and turned on my back and my legs in the air. He moved into position, resting on his knees with his cock against my ass. He pushed my legs back over his head and buried his cock in me. Waves of pleasure through my body as I fucked, I could barely contain myself. "Fuck me", complained that "hard, fuck me hard. " I could feel his cock wanted to get me started shaking and her breathing was difficult... " I want to taste your milk," he said, " cum in my MonUTH. "I kept pumping my ass now stretched and pulled his cock suddenly, breaking the condom and move to kneel on my head. I sat down a little and took xhamster his cock in his hand and pulled her mouth open, and their eggs in the other. my tongue was swollen and his head shaking my hand sliding fast on its axis. it was not long before his huge cock trembled and went rigid and Al was a loud groan. I pulled out my mouth with his penis a recently, it opens and shoot his load in the back of my neck. immediately withdrew his cock spasm and sucked until I felt and heard to give a little sigh to... " Let's see you cum " he said after a few moments, his cock in my mouth yet. I was still very hard and my cock was glistening with pre cum, I knew I would not be long xhamster before it exploded. I bent down and began to masturbate, as shown in al. orgasm spread through my body, stronger than I've ever seen before. and thenI came, shooting a massive load of cum all over my stomach... I opened my eyes and saw Al smiled. I sat. " I can take a shower?" I asked. Al nodded. xhamster "Will you come with me?" He asked with a twinkle in his eyes...


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