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"This is the tribute Blog to the great American 400m sprinter, Jeremy Wariner.
Most of the information provided is in English, although from time to time we will try to publish articles in Italian (which is a bit more difficult, with Jeremy being from the U.S.).
The aim of the Blog is to make Jeremy's name as popular as possible, outside his home country.
This young man has already achieved so much in his career, yet there is a lot more he can
"Questo blog è un tributo al grande sprinter americano dei 400m, Jeremy Wariner. La maggior parte dell'informazione fornita è in inglese, sebbene di tanto in tanto cercheremo di pubblicare articoli in italiano (cosa un po' più difficile, essendo Jeremy statunitense).
Lo scopo del blog è di rendere conosciuto il più possibile il nome di Jeremy, al di fuori della sua patria.
Questo giovane ha già realizzato tanto nella sua carriera, eppure c'è ancora molto altro da conquistare."


Il blog del giorno rimarra' tale, per 24 ore.



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Merritt vs. Wariner 2008 – final score: Merritt 4, Wariner 3

Post n°50 pubblicato il 19 Settembre 2008 da Mrs_Wariner

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Stuttgart, Germany - The final score is 4:3 for LaShawn Merritt. The Olympic Champion not only beat Jeremy Wariner when it mattered most this season, but he also is one ahead at the end.

But the duel of the two great American 400m runners was a very, very close affair at the IAAF / VTB Bank World Athletics Final in Stuttgart on Saturday. Merritt crossed the line falling down in 44.50 to beat Wariner by just one one-hundredth of a second. This was the most thrilling event of the first day in Stuttgart. In football terms one could probably say that the season’s Merritt – Wariner match was only decided after extra time and penalties with a one goal difference.

The duels between Wariner, the two-time World champion, and Merritt were among the top stories athletics produced this season. Hardly anyone would have predicted half a year ago that it could get that close and that indeed it was Merritt and not Wariner who was going to win the major races.

“This was a tough race, especially since the conditions were not good,” said the 22-year-old Merritt about the cool temperatures of 14° Celsius. “But the conditions were the same for all of us.”

Entering the homestraight it had been Wariner who was in the lead. But then Merritt gradually came closer and finally snatched victory, falling into the finish. “I made it difficult for myself. Somehow the weather put me off a bit in the first part of the race. I was not running as fluent as usual. So it was not as good as it could have been. And when I saw the finish line with ten metres to go I just thought: get there!”

“I was leaning forward and then somehow tripped. So I fell down and could not put my hands in front of me. Normally I am not that exhausted after a race. And it would have been no problem if I would not have fallen. But I am okay now,” said Merritt, who improved his personal best to 43.75 this season with his run in Beijing. “Competitions with Jeremy always produce great results.”

Talking about his amazing year, Merritt said: “I had a great season of which I can be proud of. I have won all the major races, on which I concentrated.” Indeed Merritt’s wins against Wariner came at the ÅF Golden League opener in Berlin, the Olympic trials in Eugene, the Olympic final in Beijing and now at the World Athletics Final in Stuttgart. The ones he lost against Wariner were at the AF Golden League Meetings in Rome, Paris and Zurich. In Rome it was as close as now in Stuttgart where Wariner edged out Merritt by one one-hundredth of a second.

Asked if he would have thought half a year ago that such success would be possible Merritt answered: “I knew that I was within reach of that.”

He will now take roughly one and a half months off – “I will go to the gym though” – and then prepare the new season, which will not include indoor meetings. “I hope to keep injury free so that I am able to continue as I did this year in 2009. There are some technical aspects which I can improve. So it will be my aim in 2009 to further improve my personal best,” said Merritt, who also intends to run the 200m next year. “But I will not double in the World Championships. If you do this you really have to dominate your event.”

Wariner will want to make sure that this (the domination) will not happen.

“I still don’t want to lose against him. Today was a very tough race at the end of the season in tough conditions and he got me this time,” said Wariner, who was happy that the season has come to an end now. “Tomorrow I am going home. I feel that my body is tired after a very long season. I started in February in Australia,” Wariner said, after he needed quite some time to recover after the race before talking to journalists. “It’s my aim to be back stronger next year.” Asked about the world record the 24-year-old said: “First of all it will be about winning, then we will see.”

Told about the final score of 3:4 against him, Wariner started counting. “No, it is 4:4 – because I got him in the second round of the trials,” he answered. When corrected, he said: “Oh, you don’t count that?”

Back to football terms that would have been just the half-time score. But there will be many interesting matches to come.

Jörg Wenig for the IAAF


Jeremy Wariner wins in Brussels

Post n°49 pubblicato il 07 Settembre 2008 da Mrs_Wariner

September 5, 2008 from USATF press release

Jeremy Wariner was victorious Friday at the finale of the 2008 IAAF Golden League, the Memorial Van Damme meet in Brussels, Belgium. The 2008 Olympic Games 400m silver medalist, won his specialty in 44.44 seconds in cold and wet conditions, finishing well ahead of runner-up Martyn Rooney of Great Britain, who crossed the line in 45.34.


Jeremy Wariner beats Merritt in Zurich meet

Post n°48 pubblicato il 31 Agosto 2008 da Mrs_Wariner

Zurich, SwitzerlandJeremy Wariner put the disappointment of the Olympics defeat behind him to beat his gold medal rival LaShawn Merritt in the 400 meters Friday night in the Weltklasse meet.

Wariner, a former Arlington Lamar and Baylor standout, ran a strong bend to hold at bay Merritt, running lane three inside him, and kicked clear in the final straight to win in 43.82, his fastest time of the season.

“I had Merritt behind me to push me on,” Wariner said. “I ran a season best and I plan to improve on that in Brussels and Stuttgart. I want to end up as world number one at the end of the year.”


A determined Wariner scores victory over Merritt

Post n°47 pubblicato il 29 Agosto 2008 da Mrs_Wariner

Weltklasse Zürich

Chris Brown tried to crash the party set up by Jeremy Wariner and LaShawn Merritt, but alas, the Bahamian's torrid opening 200 faded when he needed it most.

That left the stage to the two Americans, whose season has developed into one very interesting rivalry.   

Merritt, in lane 3, had Wariner, in lane 4, in his sight the entire way, but it made no difference as the Athens Olympic champion easily won against the Beijing champion with a season-best 43.82.  Merritt clocked 44.43 as Brown held on for third in 45.05 ahead of Sweden's Johan Wissman (45.47).  

Flash Quotes:
21:33  Jeremy WARINER (USA)
"I had a good race today. All went according to plan, but it was not a revenge for the Olympic Games, not here. I still have two more races to come, and because I want to end the season as world number one, I must win both of them in Brussels and Stuttgart, and run the fastest time of the year."


Post n°46 pubblicato il 22 Agosto 2008 da Mrs_Wariner

Silver wasn't what the Wariner camp came to Beijing for, but they still hope for great things

By CHAREAN WILLIAMS - McClatchy Newspapers

Last Updated 3:46 pm PDT Thursday, August 21, 2008

BEIJING – Jeremy Wariner turned the corner, on the homestretch, and found exactly what he needed. Fifteen of his closest friends and family stood cheering him.

His hero's welcome came in an empty concourse of National Stadium nearly two hours after he finished a disappointing second to teammate and rival LaShawn Merritt in the 400-meter dash.

"Well," his mother, Linda Wariner, asked, "can we see it?"

Wariner dug into the pocket of his Team USA sweat pants and pulled out his silver medal. It is not what he came here for, but everyone still wanted to touch it, hold it and take pictures with it.

"We expect so much of him," said Mike Nelson, Wariner's coach at Arlington Lamar. "I think we forget that this is the Olympic Games, and he just won the silver medal."

Wariner won the gold medal in Athens four years ago. Only Michael Johnson, now Wariner's agent, ever has repeated in the event, winning in 1996 and 2000.

Wariner's 15 supporters, sitting high above the first turn, in Section F, had expected Wariner to join Johnson in track history.

"He's ready," Danny Wariner, Jeremy's dad, said a few minutes before the race.

The family has adopted Linda's chant of "Go, baby, go!" as their official motto. She said it for all 44.74 seconds of Wariner's race, even when it became apparent in the final 50 meters he would not be bringing home the gold.

Merritt, whom Wariner had beaten twice since losing to Merritt in the U.S. Trials, won in 43.75.

As Merritt, Wariner and bronze medalist David Neville grabbed American flags to celebrate one of the USA Track & Field's best moments of an otherwise miserable Olympics, the family raced to the bottom of the steps to greet Wariner on his victory lap.

He saw them as soon as Linda yelled, "Yeah, Jeremy!"

Linda, tears streaming down her face, grabbed him in a bear hug. Danny, Nelson, aunts, uncles, siblings and friends all took their turns hugging him and offering words of encouragement.

"I'm proud of you," Danny whispered in his son's ear. "Keep your head up."

Wariner never said a word. He didn't have to. It was obvious he was as disappointed as everyone else in his traveling party.

"The silver is good, but going into the season, we were shooting for a repeat," said Wariner's coach, Michael Ford, who coaches at Baylor. "...It hurts real bad right now. I think the sad thing is if he would have run his best and gotten beat, I probably would have been able to accept it a little bit better. But that wasn't his best."

Wariner told the media that he had "nothing left" coming off the turn. He couldn't explain why. Ford said he clocked Wariner in 20.7 in the first 200, slightly faster than the semifinal but not too fast.

"I'm disappointed," Wariner said in interviews. "If I would have run like I did in the semifinal [on Tuesday], I think I would have won. But things happen for a reason, and ... LaShawn just ran a better race today."

Wariner, accompanied by Johnson and manager Deon Minor, already was feeling better by the time he left the bowels of the stadium. He even forced a smile when he saw his family.

"Yeah," Linda told him, "we're all still here."

Danny assured Johnson that Wariner would rebound in the 4x400 relay, where the Americans are defending Olympic gold medalists.

"We've got bigger fish to fry," Johnson answered.

He was referring to the 400 world record. His world record.

Wariner has made no secret of running under 43.18, Johnson's time in Seville in 1999. Jamaican Usain Bolt broke Johnson's 200-meter world record Wednesday, something Linda reminded Johnson of.

"Yeah," Johnson said, "now we've got to get the other one broken."

And Wariner put back together.

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