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This is an overview of the trip, 1300 km, from West to East across the Alps. 

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The actual itinerary is quite different form the inital plan that would have taken 1 week than the 3 days we have planned.
We started from Nerviano City, heading North-West to Simplon Pass.
In short this is overall itinerary:

Simplon pass (2005 m)
Neufenen Pass (2478 m)
S. Gothard Pass ( 2100 m)
Susten Pass (2259 m)
Furka Pass ( 2431 m)
Oberalppass (2046 m)
Arosa ( ..the sense of Humor failure place..)
Fluela Pass ( 2383 m)
Pass del Fuorn ( 2034m)
Umbrail Pass ( 2505 m)
Stelvio Pass ( 2718 m)
Passo Pinei ( 1800m)
Passo Sella ( 2244m)



The planning

Post n°2 pubblicato il 11 Settembre 2006 da slodigia
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After the great 2005 experience, France and myself did everything possible to do it again in 2006. It took almost 1 year of planning and replanning but finally we made it!!
The 2006 team was Ario, France, Louis, Bob, Urbano and myself.
It took a discrete amount of planning in sorting out all the logistics. It has been remarkable the Ario`s nice try of ship all the leather stuff through Fedex, pretending to ship a telco equipment and I still wonder how the warehouse guy figured that out.
Interesting also the southafrican fax technology but I think is more a user issue than the technology itself.
Last but not least I spent a few nights in finding and booking the hotels, the criteria of selection was quite complex:
1. Must have pool and SPA
2. Must be cheap
3. Must be in a cool place.

Mr France had a single requirement:
1. Must be in Bormio.

Unfortunately we never enjoyed the SPA, it was not cheap and was not in Bormio... I felt bad :-)