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Post N° 28

Post n°28 pubblicato il 19 Luglio 2005 da bnetblog

----- Original Message -----
From: <>
To: "List1" <>
Sent: Tuesday, July 19, 2005 12:41 AM
Subject: Cartlo Pittore

Hello: My name is Marianne Marrone Legassie. I am a friend and neighbor of Carlo Pittore's.                               I am writing on behalf of Wolfgang and Carlo's family
to everyone to tell you that our sweet friend left on Sunday, 17 May 2005
at 3:07 pm. He died beautifully and peacefully in his home, in his own bed with just a few very close friends.
There will be a funeral for Carlo in Port Washington on Tuesday, 19 July at 1:30 at the Community Synagogue 160 Middle Neck Road, Port Washington, New York.           A memorial service will be held in Maine some time in the middle of August. I will write everyone again with those details.
Because Carlo loved and was loved by so many of us, it would be very helpful to those helping to organize these events if you corresponded via regular
post at 216 Post Road. Bowdoinham Maine 04008 or P.O. Box 182 Bowdoinham, Maine 04008. This e mail account cannot hold many emails. It would be difficult for us to respond to you all. It will also be difficult to answer
everyone's phone calls. Help us to use our time well and let us be in touch when we have more information. I know that this must be difficult to
hear this sad news in such a removed way.
Please know that I will be writing to you with the plans for the Maine
Memorial as soon as the details are worked through.
With all my love for our sweet friend!
Viva Sweet P!
Marianne Marrone Legassie Disciplic Successor to the Academic of Carlo Pittore 18 July 2005

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