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Hello, I thought I would write our experiance dogging for the first time, Paul and Jane live in Cumbria, who married 9 years ago and things were a bit predictable in the bedroom. We attended a wedding of a friend and I would not drink, so I was the ' designated' driving at night. Anyway, the night has gone well and Jane drank a few whites for many Russians, who left around 11, the party was going to go down, but we asked my aunt if she could go home and I accepted reluctantly, knowing how hot Jane, I was hoping to leave on the road for a while in the car on the way home. On the way home she was stroking my cock and it was very tight, making driving a little uncomfortable when my aunt was talking about all the elderly people during the first had time to see in years ( yawn). After 20 minutes we were at my megaporn aunts, who put on a silly wave that only aunts do, so he went to his house when Jane said she wanted a bit cheekyand to be fucked in the car, as was not done yet with the new car, which promised to find a place to stop. We moved in together and the old dirt road and a gateway to a Feild, once the engine was stopped Jane began to take off the belt and rubbed in the face if I did not even fully hard the trick, because they were leaking. He left the car when she needed to pee, squat and saw sounds familiar, and splashing. He eventually returned to and began megaporn to undo his belt when daring lovley free breasts, her nipples like organ stops, like my dick sprand of your case as soon as he put his mouth and a slow sensual blow to drive only when Pausin a car is one of the other part of the coverage they have, my heart was like crazy, the idea of ​​being discovered all intense race ! as she began to biuld a steady pace, I've heard more than one car and realized the noise had stopped the car instead of drifting in the distalnce. Jane was very difficult to detect much in them, but all sorts of things ran through my head. Look in the mirror I could see the road and saw a shadow of a man coming through the opening of the Feild, who was alerted to Jane is a person there, but it seems just a bit up! o I did not see the man and leaned forward and lifted her skirt and rubbed Janes her ass and pussy, she began to moan louder than usual. Could he leaned over the man i see through the mirror, was hiding in the back looking in, I could not see his tail, but his arm movements told the story, Jane wispered me who masturbates a man looks out the car to which he responded, "Well, better a better show. " stood up, pulled her blouse and bra and slipped between the seats in the way the man smiled and sat in the middle rear seat with the legs toward the outside of each front seat, and beckoned me over. Well, that was it, we gonna make love in front of a total stranger. He has obviously got the green light when he came to the right of the window to see up close, cupping his hands around his face to prevent the light of the moon in the window n! I was pretty well developed in all these now, so I thought it might help you come up a little and turned on the light megaporn inside. When I sat down, Jane does not waste time straddling me from the front of the car and began to feed my cock into her wet snatch, there was no resistance, and took everything and stood for a moment when he took a second, you can do to rectify, whispered whether to open a little window that said: " megaporn urself " leaned forward and I pressed the button, but nothing happened when I turned off the engine for this I have raised. my hand in a "bad luck mate gesature man responded by opening the door a little and say, sorry, is this acceptable? Jane never responded to this and just started lifting up andon my shaft, I just nodded. I saw the man for the first time was about 45, looks elegant in knee pants slowly wearing a 7 inch cut cock very thick in the hand rubbing back and forth. Everything was too much for me and I began to feel an orgasm building inside me, I told Jane to decline when I was in the vicinity of caraway seeds. Then put them on and pulled me sideways in the seat of the door closed and she sat down and started rubbing her pussy with vigor : "I 'm Steve by the way," replied the man himself: " Hi, nice to meet you " I replied, Jane said nothing," I mind if I sit or her breasts? "I told him do what he wants, I'm sure u stop telling you where your boundries boundries when I knew it was not cross but soon the process will stop was'nt enough! He leaned forward and optimize your left nipple, who shrugged his shoulders a little cold hands but soon relaxed with his presence, she lifted her right leg over left leg and I slid my fingers in her cu soddonnt, I never felt this wet, pulled the other leg and I realized I had made on the first leg serves as he sat in the car and began to suck the nipple. She had taken his cock and began to masturbate. Here was my beautiful wife, sitting between two men, a total stranger, masturbating two cocks. Now I wanted to fuck, she got up and dragged me down and slid into a problem when I was in the beginning I could feel her juices running down my inner thigh, and that accelerated, I felt something else, started bucking uncontrolably as Jane I looked around me and Steve was licking her clit while I was fucking her was the last straw for me was and Jane, as the pump of my hot sperm into the womb of Jane began, I felt like I had run about 50 seconds was so intense, Steve just put on his clothes and said, "thank you hopefully we can do this again" and walked away. Jane mentioned that had'nt even cum himself! We realized that there wJane Hen tried by me and put his hand in a very sticky patch in the front seat. We went megaporn home very quietly went to bed sex was amazing to think twice the night and never mentioned again ! I hope we can repeat it at some point tho!

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