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Carlo la colazione e' pronta!!

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Aisha0511 il 28/01/20 alle 23:08 via WEB
Hi everyone, my name is Aisha Sadat, I have been married to my husband for 20 years and we have two children, the elderly one 16 years old and a young man 11 years old. My husband loved me very much, but he comes to a point where he is involved in a relationship with a woman who is his colleague. I never imagined it, but somehow his attitude towards me and towards children has changed, his delay in work made me reflect on the topic, even on my 20th wedding anniversary in March, I I keep away from sex while we promise to do it during the wedding on the anniversary day, 15 days before the wedding anniversary, he confessed that yes he had sex with his colleague. He took her to my bed when I was out on business, it means that my feelings were totally worthless to him, My mental conditions are full of agony, I think I can't forget and recover the pain, this woman was full control of her and I never wanted to do it with violence, she wants to conquer me while she is divorced, she said she was jealous of our relationship and that she will ruin me by taking my husband. I had to discuss it with a friend who asked me to find a good spell thrower, first of all I never believed in this spelling of the Cast, but I have to try it until I met the I explained my situation to him and he helped me make some prayers, some herbs and roots and a little sacrifice that I made, and in 7 days he came back to apologize and it was only a miracle for me, I'm happy today that he has me helped and I can proudly say that my husband is now with me again and is now in love with me like never before. You need help in your relationship like getting your man, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend back, winning lotteries, herbal cures for diseases, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, asthma, arthritis, Fybroid, Stroke or any type of disease, problems spiritual, job promotion, viewers reading my post who needs help with any difficulty in life should contact PROPHET NOSA UGO and you will be happy to have done so. Email: karnataka.temple@gmail.com WhatsApp: +37258031247 https://karnatakatemple.wixsite.com/karnataka
soltanto_unsogno il 29/01/20 alle 10:46 via WEB
soltanto_unsogno il 29/01/20 alle 10:47 via WEB
Pero'..per essere di Ascoli Piceno lo sai bene l'inglese! ahahahahahah....
tanmik il 29/01/20 alle 05:01 via WEB
Buona colazione e buon mercoledì da Mik
soltanto_unsogno il 29/01/20 alle 10:47 via WEB
Buongiorno Mik..colazione gia' fatta al bar..caffe' e cornetto integrale *___*
prolocoserdiana il 29/01/20 alle 06:12 via WEB
Ciao...“Beati coloro che si baceranno sempre al di là delle labbra, varcando il confine del piacere, per cibarsi dei sogni.” A.Merini PS. Non so se sarei mai riuscito a vivere solo di sogni, o forse è stato ed è tutto un sogno? Ai posteri l'ardua sentenza...Sorriso, bye Sal
soltanto_unsogno il 29/01/20 alle 10:50 via WEB
Alda Merini...in vita non se la filava nessuno, dopo morta trovo sue frasi e sue poesie in tutti i luoghi! Buongiorno Sal..vivere di sogni non si puo'..pero' vorrei fare bei sogni invece che incubi (forse e' perche' vedo troppe trasmissioni di politica la sera) !!! Buona giornata carissimo amico *___*
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