Clever trick

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Why Was I Afraid of Clowns?

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I used to be afraid of clowns as a kid because they are simply too noisy, queer-looking and are always performing magic tricks at a party. My fear was further stirred when we watched a scary movie about a clown. It made me scared, and that's one reason why I've never let my parents hire clowns on my parties as a child. I am even afraid of a McDonald's Mascot. People around me used to laugh at my weirdness. I just came over my fear of clowns when I was around 9 or 10 years old, I guess. But now, even until my adulthood, I still feel a little scared. I can say that my fear as a child and the horror movie I’ve watched impacted me a lot.

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Licking Chocolate

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Starting a Conversation

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If in any case you want to know how to exactly start a conversation, apart from asking what people do for a living, then, you may want to read this article found at:

The article discusses plenty of points and gives out examples as to why asking someone what they do is not a great wawy to start a conversation and if you really want to converse with somebody, you may want to avoid doing so. Additionally, if you really want to have fun talking with someobdy, even if that somebody is a stranger, it is best that you learn how to start a good conversation with them and the article also happens to contain plenty of links that tell you how to do so.

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Robots: Our Virtual Friends in the Future

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It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but British researchers are developing software to make robots so smart, they could become friends or even co-workers in the future. Researchers are looking into several scenarios where the robots could be of service. For example, a security robot could notify human security officers when something is wrong, such as a small change in the environment that the human eye would not be able to detect on its own. From: Mashable

Indeed, the dawning of the machines has painstakingly evolved from mere gadgetry items to high-tech smart machines that could capture the needs at home and the workplace. I'm all for working with robots, but robots with a state of feeling or emotion that could befriend us humans? I doubt it. Some humans even find that hard to accomplish.

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how sad... a robot for a friend :(
Inviato da: naar75
il 22/01/2014 alle 14:00
lucky u! :)
Inviato da: naar75
il 22/01/2014 alle 13:58

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