How to Play the Dehla Pakad Game Online?

Deal And Play

In this game, the dealer is chosen at random before the first game begins. This can be achieved by randomly selecting a player from the table, rolling a dice or drawing cards. The dealer’s next hand is determined by the result of the previous hand. After shuffling the deck of 52 cards, he deals a deck of five cards to each of the four players. After determining the trumps, he deals the remaining cards to each player in groups of four to eight.

Players must follow; if they are unable to do so, they may play any other card based on the rules. If trumps are used in the round, the highest trump wins the trick. Otherwise, the highest suit card in action wins the trick. The winner of a trick does not receive cards from that trick; instead, he moves on to the next trick.

Trump’s pick

There are two interesting methods to determine the trump suit in this game of tash ka.

  • After the first five cards are dealt, the game begins. Trump is chosen during the game and can be claimed by any of the players. Suppose players A and C are on team one, while players B and D are on team two. If player A throws a spade and player B doesn’t have a spade, player B deals a card of a different color and the color chosen by player B becomes the trump according to the rules of this online tash wala game. Method 1 requires participants to be honest about their willingness to follow suit. If veracity is not possible, consider method 2.
  • During the distribution of five cards, the player to the right of the dealer declares trump. The rest of the deal is complete once he declares trumps. In the first trick, the player who chose trump takes the lead.

Accepting tricks

When a player makes a trick, they do not collect cards from that trick. If a player wins two consecutive tricks, all cards are collected and placed in their team’s trick deck.

When the center stack is captured, the following trick creates a new one. This precludes a player who has already won two tricks from taking the stack if he wins a 3rd trick in a row. Although the player who wins the 13th trick does not take the 12th trick, he receives all the cards from the middle pile.

Victorious Kots

  • When a team has all four “10” cards in their tricks, it is called Kot. It is said that the winning team gave the losing team a Kot.
  • If the winning side has the dealer team, the deal moves to another player from the opposing team adjacent to the dealer.
  • The non-dealing team wins if they take two or three tens during the game, and the same dealer deals the next hand.
  • Scoring in Dehla Pakad
  • Dehla Pakad is a popular tash ka game enjoyed by India and the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Iran. There is no standard method for calculating scores in the game, which can be confusing for newcomers. Depending on the version of the game you are playing, the scoring system may differ. Someone counts the number of 10s taken, others use a point system. In the end, it depends on the attitude of the players who like to enjoy this game.

In Dehla Pakad app the score is calculated like this:

  • Collecting all ten is Kot and the winning team gets 40 more points.
  • If either team scores 200 or more points, the game is over. In order to maximize the chances of winning, teams must plan their moves carefully.
  • If the player wins, they will be awarded for every ten points earned. No points will be awarded to the losing team.
  • Dehla Pakad Safest Online Gaming App
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Let’s take a look at some of the features:


  • The app is RNG certified, which means that the probability of winning each prize is determined by randomly generating cards in each new game. This is exciting for players because they don’t know what they are likely to win.
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  • The app offers various cash withdrawal options that are convenient for customers. This is a great feature if you need money quickly, avoiding the delays you can sometimes experience with other financial transactions.
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