How To Play The Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League?

Playing Indian T20 Premier League Fantasy Cricket League in a fantasy cricket app is something that people are talking about more than the actual match these days. With such apps, you now have a platform where you can earn real money by using your cricket talent to correctly guess the best players in a match. In a country like India, where cricket is nothing less than a religion, this outrage is bound to happen. However, if you are new to this fantasy cricket league world, we are here to help you play the Indian T20 Fantasy Premier League on Fantasy app.

First you need to install the app and register your name and team name to win real money instantly. There are certain rules in fantasy cricket that you must follow regardless. Then you need to understand how the point system works to get an accurate idea of how to pick the right players.

Rules to follow while playing any Indian T20 Premier League Fantasy Cricket game:

  • You must select at least one goalkeeper, but the upper limit is set at two.
  • You must select three batsmen from one of the two teams, but you cannot select more than five.
  • For all-rounders, you must choose at least one with a maximum of three.
  • You can select a maximum of five pitchers, but you must select a minimum of three pitchers.
  • There must be one uncapped player in your playing XI.
  • As with the official team playing a match, your fantasy team can only have four foreign players.
  • One very important thing to keep in mind is that you cannot select more than 7 players from one franchise in any of the competitions.

How To Play Indian T20 Premier League Fantasy Cricket League Like A Pro – Top 3 Tips

Now, when it comes to implementing these rules, certain tips will surely help you build the right team. Since there is a point system that gives you points for almost the main action done by a player on the field, be it a run-out, a sixth or a boundary hit or a wicket and so on. If you want to score maximum points in almost every fantasy match you play, here are the top 3 fantasy cricket tips that will surely come in handy. Follow the linked article for more tips on playing fantasy cricket games.

Since your team’s captain and vice-captain have the potential to score the most points, you should be extra careful when assigning these two positions to two players in your eleven. Since all-rounders have the potential to score maximum runs, it is always better to choose them as your captain or vice-captain unless the batsman or bowler is actually in the purple field.

Be careful of any last minute changes. There may be a team change at the moment of the end, so always wait for the draw to take place and the final team to be announced to ensure that the player you have chosen plays the match.

Since the best batsmen will get a chance to play maximum number of balls, it would be better to pick them before others.

Now that you know the fantasy cricket tips and rules, get into the game and download the BalleBaazi fantasy cricket app for the best chance to win big.