Best 10 Alternatives to Vonage in 2024

Since 2011, Vonage has connected people over the telephone as a VoIP service provider. It has various video, voice, and messaging APIs that anyone can integrate into their apps to connect globally. In the communication API realm, it is not alone in the market; there are various alternatives to Vonage. Let’s uncover Vonage competitors in this guide if you want to explore other options.

Best 10 Vonage Alternatives & Competitors
Vonage has programmable solutions such as in-app voice, meeting API, in-app messaging, and SMS API to increase customer interactions. If you are looking for better options, delve into this section and find Vonage alternatives that meet your needs:
It’s a powerful alternative to Vonage that leverages developer-friendly APIs and fully customizable SDKs. This platform has solutions for every industry, such as fitness, marketing, business, and communication, with rich developer resources. Besides, its easy-to-integrate SDKs are available in 18 programming languages with API references and sample codes for developers’ ease.

ZEGOCLOUD offers feature-rich in-app chat, crystal clear voice, interactive live-streaming, super board, and reliable video call APIs. You can get screen sharing, noise reduction, group calling, and audio effects features by using the video call SDK. Surprisingly, this platform gives an average ultra-low latency of 300ms for a smooth voice and video communication experience.
This Vonage competitor also facilitates AI-based effects API that can apply face makeup, reshape, and beautification in live-streaming. Moreover, it provides cloud recording APIs for video and audio call recordings and digital humans to present in live streaming.
2. GoTo Connect
This alternative to Vonage is a cloud-based phone system and customer engagement platform that aims to provide a suite of communication products. It has a business phone system that is easy to manage, use, and deploy to elevate customers’ experience. This phone system API offers call forwarding, international calling, PBX admin tools, and phone number extensions.

Furthermore, this Vonage alternative supports more than 250 participants, 50 simultaneous webcams, and screen-sharing features in its phone system API. What’s more, it provides SMS, file sharing, one-click meetings, team chat, and call monitoring abilities in APIs.
3. 8×8
If you are customer-obsessed and need communication solutions, this alternative to Vonage offers various APIs. It has real-time video integration, private and secure voice solutions, SMS, and omnichannel messaging APIs to boost customer engagement. You can add multiple services in a single platform as it offers easy integration without compromising data.

Also, it provides a video conferencing API that can accommodate 500 participants in a session without any meeting session limitations. Moreover, this video conferencing API has a feature to change virtual backgrounds, record the sessions, lock meetings, and YouTube live streaming.
4. VideoSDK
VideoSDK is also a reliable Vonage alternative focusing only on audio, video, and interactive live-streaming SDKs. This platform allows you to host webinars with up to 100K people and 25 co-streamers, along with the adaptive bitrate feature. Furthermore, you can add a logo, overlay, and custom background to give your attendees a personalized live-streaming experience.

This platform also has different features that can help you efficiently control audio, video, and live-streaming sessions. These features include network indication, permission controls, session analytics, on-demand playback, and virtual background. You can also embed its multiple engaging and collaborative features into your application.
5. Zoom
In the realm of video conferencing, Zoom is a well-known solution that has video SDKs with a set of server-side APIs and webhooks. It also provides video, audio, screen sharing, and chat features in its video SDK that can be integrated into iOS, Android, Linux, Flutter, Windows, etc. Moreover, it can accommodate up to 1000 participants in video conferencing sessions and provide third-party live streaming and video layouts.

This alternative to Vonage also offers Zoom Whiteboard API to empower interactive collaboration and Zoom Room APIs to facilitate meeting rooms. Additionally, it has Zoom Phone API, Mail, Calendar, Contact Center, Conference Room, and Events APIs.
6. Twilio
Another Vonage alternative that you should explore is Twilio, which is popular for SDKs for Java, Ruby, Python, Nodes, and Go. It’s a customer engagement platform that has communication APIs for WhatsApp, email, phone numbers, and voice. Besides, it has serverless APIs and lookup APIs to add a layer of security to customer relationships with an identity match feature.

This platform also offers messaging APIs for any scale, including Programmable Messaging, Conversations, and Verify APIs. Particularly, voice APIs provide speech recognition, text-to-speech, and voice intelligence to embed in iOS, Android, and the Web.
7. Sinch
When it comes to exploring a rich customer communication platform, Sinch has a variety of APIs. This alternative to Vonage has messaging, email, verification, number & connectivity, and voice & video APIs. Within its messaging APIs, there are SMS, WhatsApp, MMS, RCS, and conversation APIs to reach customers over multiple channels.

In addition, it has in-app voice & video SDK, elastic SIP tracking, and voice API to make, receive, and control calls. It also supports secure login and signups by verifying phone numbers, SMS, and voice calls to make your app secure.
8. Infobip
This platform has various programmable channels to boost communication and maximize your app’s operational efficiency with CPaaS X. It builds end-to-end customer journeys with low or no code by AI-powered solutions. Despite that, it has SMS, in-app messaging, Instagram, WhatsApp, MMS, voice, video, live chat, email, and mobile push APIs.

This Vonage alternative also covers powerful connectivity products such as number lookup, mobile identity, Viber for business, and Apple messages for business. Also, its open-source SDKs are available in over 13 different languages to help you use them for different platforms.
9. Bird
Bird is another Vonage competitor that can personalize your interactions through SMS, WhatsApp, and email APIs. If you are a business owner, its email API is quite beneficial because it can analyze performance trends and follow all email regulations to minimize the bounce rate. Specifically, its WhatsApp for Business API offers personalized chatbots, customer support, logistics, and anonymized conversations.

You can send and receive messages through its SMS API, which supports critical alters, conversational support, and SMS code verifications. Also, this platform has an email recipient validation to protect your brand’s sending reputation and detect fake addresses.
10. 100ms
This alternative to Vonage has everything you need in communication APIs for an immersive experience. It extends video communication features in your application by offering video calls and interactive live-streaming APIs. Within its video conferencing APIs, there are chat, whiteboard, recording, screen sharing, file sharing, and virtual background features.

Besides, it offers an Audio Room feature that can accommodate up to 10,000 participants in audio calls with crystal clear audio quality. Notably, this platform allows you to customize everything from recording layouts to chats, polls, and breakout rooms without additional codes.
In short, there are various innovative technologies and platforms that are alternatives to Vonage and have unique features and APIs. Upon reading this guide, you are now aware of various platforms offering communication APIs to integrate into your platforms. From the list of these APIs and SDKs, we recommend you choose the one whose features fulfill the needs of your app development.

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