Why you should try to save money on SSL

If you’re thinking of creating a site, you should know that SSL is one area you can afford to save on. You might have noticed that SSL certificate cost can vary widely depending on where you look, which you might have found confusing. Does the more expensive one do more stuff? Will you be missing out on specific features if you decide to go for something cheaper? The answer to both questions is a resounding no.

Here’s why.

All SSLs are created equal

There is basically no difference between the SSL on sale for eye-watering prices and the SSL that seems almost too cheap. This is because all modern SSL certificates on the market today are the same product. They are small digital certificates that when installed on your site, will foster encrypted connections for anyone visiting it. This keeps user data private from prying eyes. In simple terms, it does this by locking and unlocking the connection with an encryption key. This key offers a potential of 256-bit encryption strength, which is essentially how long the key is. The longer, the better, and 256-bits is very long – not even the world’s strongest supercomputer can crack it! If you install an SSL and it’s not using the full 256 bits that’s likely an issue with your server and not the SSL itself, so make sure to check whether your settings are optimized.

Where to buy your cheap SSL

Now, just because we recommend cheap SSLs doesn’t mean we think you should get one from just anywhere. Like with any product you buy online, there are a few shady stores out there. Avoid becoming their customer by doing the following:

  1. Read reviews. Like with any other online purchase, reading third-party reviews is essential to getting a fair idea about the store and how they treat their customers.
  2. Assess the customer service. How attentive is their support team? How long will it take them to reply to a query? Do they have good instructional content? These are key factors to consider before choosing an SSL vendor.
  3. Check the partner Certificate Authority (CA). CA reputation is everything. It’s important that tech companies trust the CA who’s issuing your SSL. If not, your SSL will be as good as useless.

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Some things in life are worth paying more for, but SSL is an area you can afford to save. Still, be mindful about where you spend money, and make sure you choose a reputable store before you decide to buy.

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