Five cool Vape Pen Tricks

That used to be excellent when someone blew smoke rings from a joint. Since then, a lot has changed. Since many of us now vape our marijuana, a myriad of new opportunities have become available.

Because vape clouds are far more significant than smoke puffs, it is possible to pull off interesting little pranks that draw attention. Additionally, rehearsing your vape moves before showing them off to your pals is the ideal justification for some alone time with your preferred strain. Remember that a big blow of a very concentrated vape will cause you to feel relatively high in a hurry. To avoid being disabled for the following few hours, practice slowly. Additionally, practicing them away from a fan and in a wind-protected area is beneficial. Even if you correctly complete the tricks, the proof is quickly removed. 

Even better, test out your tricks with vape juice devoid of nicotine. You can practice for longer without experiencing nicotine or THC side effects, which is less expensive than cannabis.

Now would be a good time to charge your conventional THC Vape Pen if you have one. Alternatively, if you have a CBD vape, you can practice using it.

Smoke Triangles

Add some geometrical elements to the mix. Blow your smoke ring, then gently tap it with your hand. Follow a cat’s lead when it is intrigued about something. If you give the circle a slight swat to the side, it will change into an incomplete triangle. Smoke rings have been seen before, but smoke triangles are a cutting-edge crowd-pleaser.

The Bane Variation

You can do a french inhalation, but if you let the vapour escape through your teeth, it will do so in little columns that resemble the Bane mask. Try this variant of the French inhale if you want to make it more interesting.

The Bull

The Bull can advance your vaping abilities if you’ve mastered the other tips on this list. This method gives the appearance that a bull ring is hanging from your nose by combining the smoke ring and French inhales. Nobody will dare enter the bullring to duel with the freshly proclaimed vape-trick champion once you master this.

Stacking rings

You can start stacking your vape rings once you’ve mastered them and feel confident regulating their size. For example, a succession of gradually smaller circles, resembling Russian nesting dolls formed of vapour, can be made by releasing a vast ring and then moving down into somewhat smaller rings.

It may take time to perfect your timing and sizing because this demands much more precision than the typical vape ring technique. You should be patient, that’s what’s best. Once you get the hang of it, it’s great. Anyone can blow a ring. To stack the rings flawlessly, one needs to possess a high level of competence.

French Inhale

The French Inhale may sound like the escargot of sophisticated smoke effects, but it’s one of the simplest. To equal the impact produced by vape mods or smoke, you’ll need to draw heavily from your THC Vape Pen, but you should still be able to get a good outcome.