Shin Jin-seo Exceeds 600 Million Won in Two Months

두 달 만에 6억원 돌파 신진서, 연간 상금 얼마나 경신할까

Shin Jin-seo Exceeds 600 Million Won in Two Months, How Much will he Break the Annual Prize Money?

360 million won including winning the LG Cup in January… Nongshim pear expected to be worth KRW 278 million.

Expected to win multiple awards in Eungssi pear, Lanke pear, Samsung Fire pear, and Chunran pear

Shin Jin-seo (23), 9th dan, the world’s strongest baduk player in name and reality, is doing something unusual in the early part of Gapjin year.

Shin Jin-seo, born in March 2000, celebrated his year and surpassed 600 million won in prize money less than two months later.

According to the Korea Foundation, which announces prize money rankings every month, Shin Jin-seo earned 360,946,000 won in prize money in January alone. 바카라사이트

This amount is much more than twice that of the second-ranked 9-dan reimbursement (159,512,000 won).

The new 9-dan team achieved a high-flying record of 11 wins and 1 loss in the KB Baduk League and China Gapjo League, including defeating Byeon Sang-il in the LG Cup finals, a major world tournament held in January, and receiving 300 million won in prize money.

In February, the team is on an 8-game winning streak, including the Nongshim Shin Ramyun Cup, which led Korea to its 4th consecutive win with a ‘6-game winning streak’.

Although the Korea Football Association has not yet tallied the prize money for February, Shin Jin-seo is expected to receive a prize money equivalent to winning the LG Cup only in the Nongshim Cup.

The prize money for winning the Nongshim Cup, a team event, is divided according to the national team’s internal agreement, without disclosing the distribution method externally.

According to the Korea Football Association, last year, 70% of the Nongshim Cup winning prize money was distributed equally among the participating players, 20% was paid as a winning allowance, and 10% was paid as a winning decision allowance.

In other words, 350 million won, which is 70% of the championship prize money of 500 million won, is divided equally among the five players as participation allowances, and Shin Jin-seo, who won 6 consecutive wins alone, 8th dan Seol Hyun-jun, who did not have a single win, and 9th dan Byeon Sang-il, Won Seong-jin, and Park Jeong-hwan are equally 7-dan.

Each receives 10 million won.

The winning allowance, which is 20% of the total prize money, is 100 million won, but since Shin Jin-seo is the only player to win this tournament, he will take it alone.

The 10% winning decision allowance of 50 million won also belongs to Shin Jin-seo.

It is known that this method has been agreed upon again this year, and Shin Jin-seo is expected to receive 220 million won out of the total prize money of 500 million won in the Nongshim Cup.

In addition, Nongshim Cup pays match fees and winning streak prize money to individual players separately from the winning prize money.

The match fee is 3 million won per game, and the prize money for consecutive wins is 10 million won for three consecutive wins, with an additional 10 million won paid for each additional win thereafter.

Shin Jin-seo, who won six games in a row at this Nongshim Cup, will receive 18 million won in match fees and 40 million won in prize money for consecutive wins.

Accordingly, Shin Jin-seo’s total income from Nongshim Pear will be 278 million won.

Shin Jin-seo, who has an incredible winning percentage of 19 wins and 1 loss this year, will already exceed 600 million won just by adding the Nongshim Cup prize money to his January prize money.

Since 2020, when Shin Jin-seo established himself as the number one player in Korean baduk, he has surpassed 1 billion won in prize money every year and has been crowned the prize money king for four consecutive years.

The highest annual prize money in KEPCO history is 1.4796 billion won, recorded by Shin Jin-seo last year.

Last year, Shin Jin-seo received $400,000 (approximately 530 million won) for winning the Eungssi Cup, known as the ‘Olympics of Baduk’, and received 140 million won for participating in the Nongshim Cup only for Choi Jong-guk.

Although he did not win any other world tournaments, he won over 1.4 billion won in prize money through six domestic tournament titles and the KB Baduk League and China Gapjorig.

This year, there is a growing possibility that the annual prize money will exceed 1.5 billion won for the first time in Korea.

Considering Shin Jin-seo’s skills that have reached their peak, it is predicted that he will win multiple titles in the remaining world events this year, such as the Eungssi Cup, Lanke Cup, Samsung Fire & Marine Cup, and Chunran Cup.

Shin Jin-seo, who returned to Korea on the 24th after leading the miraculous comeback win of the Nongshim Cup in Shanghai, China, said at an airport press conference, “This year, I want to show that I always win at the world championships.”

Fans are expecting Shin Jin-seo, who is full of confidence as well as his skills to be the ‘world’s strongest’, to reach his most spectacular peak in the ‘Year of the Dragon’ in which he was born.

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