Women’s Volleyball GS Caltex Defeats IBK and Revives PS

여자배구 GS칼텍스, IBK 꺾고 PS 불씨 살려…남자부 OK 3위 탈환(종합)

Women’s Volleyball GS Caltex Defeats IBK and Revives PS… Men’s OK Regained 3rd Place

4th place GS Caltex escapes 4 consecutive losses, chasing 3rd place Cheong Kwan Jang by 5 points.

OK Financial Group easily overpowers last place KB Insurance.

GS Caltex revived the spark of hope to advance to the postseason. 카지노사이트

GS Caltex defeated IBK Industrial Bank with a set score of 3-0 (25-23 25-19 25-22) in the professional volleyball Dodram 2023-2024 V League women’s home game held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 25th.

4th place GS Caltex (48 points, 17 wins, 14 losses), which broke away from a 4-game losing streak and earned 3 valuable points, narrowed the gap to 5 points with 3rd place CheongKwanJang (53 points, 17 wins, 14 losses), which had a 4-game winning streak.

In the V-League, if the point difference between 3rd and 4th place is 3 or less, a semi-playoff is held.

GS Caltex’s realistic goal is to further narrow the gap with Cheong Kwan-Jang in the remaining five games and make the semi-playoffs.

5th place IBK Industrial Bank (44 points, 14 wins, 17 losses) was unable to add points, making the path to ‘Spring Volleyball’ narrower.

IBK Industrial Bank of Korea finished its match against GS Caltex this season with 2 wins, 4 losses, and an inferiority finish.

Giselle Silva (registered name Silva), the best striker in the V-League women’s division this season, played the role of GS Caltex’s main gun on this day, scoring 28 points with a high attack success rate of 60%.

Korean wing striker Kang So-hwi, who struggled in the 5th round, also helped Silva by scoring 12 points in the first game of the 6th round.

At the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea, Brittney Abercrombie (20 points) and Seungju Pyo (15 points) fought hard, but starting setter Ponpoon Gerpard (registered name Ponpoon) was replaced at the end of the first set due to hand pain and was unable to return to the court.

This has become monotonous.

GS Caltex, which took the lead in the first set thanks to Kang So-hwi’s performance, added one point at 20-18 with a quick open by new Asian quarter player Darin Pinsu-wan (registered name Darin), and made it 22-18 due to opponent Ponpoon’s double attack mistake. It came out.

When trailing again at 23-21, Kang So-hwi created a set point with a quick open, and at 24-23, Silva ended the set with an open attack.

GS Caltex, which easily won the second set, suffered a strong counterattack from IBK Industrial Bank of Korea in the third set.

However, at 16-15 in the third set, a double attack aimed at an empty spot by setter Ahn Hye-jin fell inside the court and took a breather.

Then, when the opponent Seo-young Yook’s hard hit hit Su-ji Han’s head and floated high, Su-jin Han quickly found the spot where the ball fell and saved the ball, and So-hwi Kang scored with an open attack to make it 18-15.

Silva scored a quick opener into the court at 24-22, putting the game on the line.

In the men’s division, OK Financial Group, led by main gun Leonardo Leyva Martinez (registered name Leo), easily defeated KB Insurance, which ranked last, and regained third place.

OK Financial Group won the home game held at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan with a set score of 3-0 (25-20 25-16 25-21) over KB Insurance.

OK Financial Group reduced Korea Electric Power Corporation (47 points, 16 wins, 15 losses) to 4th place by reaching 50 points (17 wins, 14 losses).

KB Insurance, ranked last (7th), suffered 9 consecutive losses.

This season’s men’s team shows mixed results.

The difference in points from 3rd place OK Financial Group to 6th place Hyundai Capital (44 points, 14 wins, 17 losses) is only 6 points.

The teams ranked 3rd to 6th all have 5 games left this season.

On this day, Leo led the attack with 22 points, the most for both teams, including 2 blocking points and 3 serve aces.

The attack success rate was 60.71%.

Bayard Saihan also played an active role with 11 points, including 4 blocking goals.

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