Windows 7 works very slowly? A beginner’s guide on Speeding Up Windows 7

Windows 7 is one of the operating systems available in the current market, but it is more likely to work with errors and gradually. It is.fortunately, because this system is so fresh, there is a method of repairing it and starting it. You need to fix it to make Win 7 run faster. Parts of Windows usually cause these problems and you can start your computer if you know how to fix them.

Windows 7 works very slowly? A beginner's guide on Speeding Up Windows 7
To be able to prevent a computer from crashing, you must first know why computers break down. Basically, “crashing” is the computer’s ejector chair – enabling it to link any control / procedure that can damage it. This feature was created by Microsoft to preserve computer ethics in case something goes wrong but this is one of the most annoying features of Windows.

Here’s how:
Step 1 – Uninstall unwanted programs – applications on your computer can be enjoyable but slow down. This is because every application that you install works on the “background” of your computer, so it works easily after reloading. It takes memory, processor power and hard disk space, so you must free up to restart Windows. This can be achieved by clicking the “Start” button (Windows emblem (bottom left))> Control Panel> Add / Remove Applications. There you need to uninstall the applications you are using or do not need.

Step 2 – Eliminate user accounts – User accounts can be useful for sharing user profiles, but they exceptionally slow down your computer. If you have a problem with the slow speed of Windows, click Start> Control Panel> Add / Remove User Accounts. Cut your accounts there. This can free up a lot of system resources by enabling your computer.

Step 3 – Uninstall Flash Player – Flash Player is a program that allows you to use interactive websites while using your computer. It has been found to be a “necessary” part of the computer, but it can make Windows 7 work. You need to uninstall it by clicking Start> Control Panel> Add / Remove Programs and then you need to locate and eliminate “Adobe Flash Player”. This will prevent you from using Flash, but the attractiveness of this trick is that if you want to go back to the Flash enabled site again, it will provide you with hyperlinks to the latest player, which should ensure fast computer operation.

Step 4 – Run a virus scan – because they affected earlier versions of your computer, they are certainly a big problem for Windows 7. Then they start creating all kinds of havoc and installation. You need to download a free cleaning program called “McAfee Antivirus” and let it scan your computer. You can find all the viruses that can slow down your Windows 7 system, increasing body reliability and stability. how to install mcafee antivirus using product key

Step 5 – Clear the registry – this is a step that can significantly help your computer. The register is. It stores details such as favorites on the Internet and background in the room, allowing the computer to easily remember various settings. Windows has the habit of destroying configurations stored in the registry, which prevents them from being processed. Your computer slows down and makes reading take longer.

It is possible to speed up your computer. It can be an application that can scan and repair settings, allowing you to solve those that are currently causing a slow computer pace. You can download these tools, install them and let your system scan. Then you need to consider enabling repair if it finds more than 500 errors.

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