Best Method To Make Kratom Honey Balls


Have you been searching ‘Kratom near me’ on the Internet, or have you been on the lookout for Kratom powder for sale? While we encourage consumers to look for the best quality of Kratom, you can also try using this potent herb in some delicious recipes at home.

The bitter taste of this botanical can be a big no for many of you, so we share the best method to make Kratom honey balls that you can enjoy while benefiting from the stimulating and energizing effects. These sweet, portable treats are easy to make and can help mask the bitter taste of Kratom, making the consumption process more enjoyable. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating your own Kratom honey balls.

Making the Best Kratom Honey Balls


  • One tablespoon of Organic Honey. 

  • One teaspoon Coconut Oil.

  • Kratom powder according to your dosage. 

  • Tea biscuits or cookies of choice. 

  • Cinnamon or other spices Optional.


  • In a bowl, mix Kratom powder, coconut oil, and honey. Add the crumbled cookies to this mixture and mix well so everything binds well. Adjust the quantities based on your desired potency and taste preferences. Some people mix more honey to give the honey balls a more overpowering sweet taste. 

  • Once the mixture is well combined, it’s time to form the balls. Scoop out small portions of the mixture using a spoon. Roll each portion between your palms to create small, bite-sized balls. If the mixture is too sticky, you can chill it in the refrigerator for a few minutes to make it easier to handle.

  • Place the formed balls onto a parchment or wax paper sheet to prevent them from sticking to the surface.

  • After forming the balls, place them in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Chilling helps to firm up the balls, making them easier to handle and less sticky.

  • Once the Kratom Honey Balls are firm, transfer them to an airtight container for storage. Please keep them in the refrigerator to maintain their consistency and freshness. Properly stored, they can last for up to two weeks.

Tips for Making the Perfect Kratom Honey Balls

You can make these balls with different flavors. You can add various spices, such as nutmeg, ginger, or vanilla extract, to enhance the taste. After reading this, you will look for the top search results for ‘Kratom near me.’ 

Follow your dosage requirements. Be precise with your Kratom dosage. If you are new to Kratom, start with a smaller amount and gradually increase as needed. Always keep track of how much Kratom is in each ball to avoid consuming too much. Try to make the balls uniform in size to ensure consistent dosing. Using a small cookie scoop can help achieve this. Ensure you’re not allergic to any of the ingredients, especially Kratom and honey, before consuming these treats.


Kratom honey balls offer a convenient and tasty way to consume Kratom, making the experience more enjoyable and less bitter. Kratom powder for sale in your area can be used to make these honey balls. Following these steps and tips, you can easily make your own Kratom Honey Balls home. Whether you’re looking for pain relief, an energy boost, or mood enhancement, these delicious treats can help you enjoy the benefits of Kratom without the unpleasant taste. Always look for the best Kratom near me to make these delicious treats.

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