Social media is becoming more useful to people today. Instagram is certainly one of those programs. People make use of it on a daily basis to publish small life events and each detail taking place in their day to day life in the form of photographs or videos on Instagram stories. There is one disadvantage in making use of Instagram stories, they are gone immediately after 24 hours. In the event the time comes when you want to revisit the memory you posted, you will not find them.

Download Instagram stories of an entire day
Here we provide you with all the significant ways which are needed to save your Instagram stories for a whole day that you can later on view whenever you desire to in the future. The video file may not be saved individually. Still, it’s better this way than possessing no copy at all.

As reports, to be able to save your stories for the day, first, you must tap on the story icon that is located at the top left corner of your feed, the one which bears your display image along with the other story profiles of the users that you follow. Upon tapping your story, you will find 3 dots situated at the top of your screen. Many choices will be shown if that is clicked. Tap MORE option then pick the SAVE option so that you can finally download your story. Render time will be required before you view the video in your camera roll.

Separately Download Instagram Stories Clip by Clip
This technique is the exact opposite of the above approach. In this approach, now you can save clips of individual Instagram stories. For instance, saving one selfie you have or the most exciting event you did instead of saving all the activities you uploaded for the whole day. The process is almost the same as the above method. They only differ in choosing the option on how they should be saved. Right here, rather than tapping the “Save Story” option, you will need to tap the “Save Video”. Look at your Photos or Camera Roll. You should have the copy of the clip in there.

Downloading Stories Using Other Instagram User’s Account
From time to time, you may also want to save an Instagram story posted by someone else, for whatever reason you have. The procedure involved is simple to follow, simply utilize third party sites. These websites have the same purpose and mechanics. Therefore it will be just a matter of selecting which one works right for you.

You may follow these steps in order to save using a third party website
Copy first the user name or the profile link (based on what’s needed by the site) of the owner of the Instagram Stories you wished to download. Open in your browser the link of the third party website that you have selected. Scroll down the listing of clips and pick which clip to download. On the picked clip, hit the “Save link as” option and pick the file destination on your computer system to save it.

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