All About ketogenic Diet


This is a diet that relies entirely on proteins to eventually reach the desired goal, which is to get rid of excess fat
without feeling constant hunger, and without negatively affecting the vitality and activity of the body. Through
NesssFit They present the experience of one of the women who followed this system to learn about the results of
that experiment, and the benefits and drawbacks of this system on the general health of the body
What is a ketogenic diet ?
The ketogenic diet is a diet that relies mainly on eating proteins, and avoiding eating carbohydrates, meaning that
the body here depends on obtaining its calories to supply it with energy from fats and proteins. When following this
system, you should avoid eating carbohydrates to help increase the rate of burning fat in the body
Despite the advantages of this system and its positive results in many cases; However, following this system must
be under the supervision of a specialized doctor to avoid any complications or negative effects on the general health
of the body during the application of this system
Steps for applying the ketogenic diet
There are a set of steps to be followed to properly implement the ketogenic diet; It is as follows
A person should eat food that provides him with proteins, while avoiding food that contains carbohydrates to help
the body burn. When abstaining from carbohydrates; The body turns to fat to burn in order to be able to get the energy it needs
You can eat any amount of food provided that it is from proteins and avoid eating carbohydrates completely, that is
the person here will not feel hungry

It is recommended to divide your meals into three main meals, taking into account the consumption of only
permitted foods

A large amount of water should be consumed daily, and tea and coffee are allowed, provided that no sugar is added to them
My experience with the ketogenic diet
One of the women spoke about her experience with the ketogenic diet, and indicated that she was suffering from
polycystic ovaries, and here the need for a healthy diet appeared that helps to get rid of the excess fat in the body,
and advised her to follow the ketogenic diet. This lady confirmed that this system was perfect for her, and that it
actually helped her lose the extra weight in a short period of time
 ?How do I get into the keto diet
There are a number of steps that must be followed to enter the keto diet; Those steps were as follows
Carbohydrates should be completely avoided
Eating a large amount of fat so that the body quickly enters this system
Begin intermittent fasting as a start before you start following all the steps of the ketogenic diet
Increase your daily physical activity and effort
Adjusting the diet according to the needs of the body

How many days does the body need to get into keto ?
The body needs to enter keto for four days until the symptoms of this system begin to appear on it to start the state
of ketosis, while it needs about ten days to actually enter the state of ketosis. We also find that the body needs 120
days to fully adapt to this system, as the body reaches at that stage the highest rate of production of what is known
as ketone bodies prisma premium
How do I know that the body is in a state of ketosis?
The body can reach the state of ketosis after three days of following this system, and it is possible to know if the
body is in a state of ketosis or not by following several methods; Prominent among them are the following:
Use a urine strip.
Use of a glucose monitor to do a blood test.
Measuring a person’s respiratory rate.

How do I know if I’m off the keto diet?
You can tell that I got out of the keto diet by showing some symptoms just by eating sugars and carbohydrates; It is as follows:
Feeling of bloating and gas as a result of digestive disorders.
Changes in the level of sugar in the blood, which in turn leads to a feeling of tiredness and fatigue.
Increased feeling of hunger.
The body needs to eat more sugar.
Weight gain It varies according to the metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism process within the body duschkopf test 2022

Benefits of the ketogenic diet
Many people resort to the ketogenic diet because of its many benefits to the body; Among the most notable are the following
This diet is suitable for diabetics as it helps reduce the amount of glucose in the blood.
This system is the perfect solution for those who suffer from forgetfulness or Alzheimer’s because of its role in
increasing the rate of memory activity.
Treatment of paralysis and Parkinson’s disease, as well as the treatment of epilepsy.
Protecting the body from cancer, as it helps the body get rid of any cancer cells, provided that they are at the
beginning of their formation.
Get rid of headache.
Get rid of excess body weight in a healthy way.


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