Complete Checklist of Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Water damage is a kind of issue that is dreadful to every homeowner. However, you can’t avoid accidents leading to water damage. Regardless of the cause of water damage, it is essential to restore the condition of the property as soon as possible.



The process of  repair water damage involves various steps including


  • Inspection
  • Extraction
  • Dehumidification
  • Sanitation
  • Reconstruction


Clearly, you will need the water damage restoration specialist at work to make sure that the execution of the process is accurate.



Follow the checklist


The checklist for flood remediation is an absolute necessity as it helps with the initial, efforts to recover. You cannot jumpstart the process, nor can you hire anyone without the knowledge of the entire situation.


The checklist will help you to aid in the procedures of the  disaster restoration companies near me  and tael the proper measures at the right time to make sure that there is no further damage.



# 1. Call your insurance company


Most insurance policies exclude storm flooding. But whether you have got the coverage or not, depends on your location and the insurance provider.


  • Discuss with the insurance company the recommendation of the best service provider for restoring water damage.
  • If you are unavailable at home during the flood remediation procedure, don’t forget to share your temporary contact information with the insurer and the remediation company.


The above tasks are important to make sure you are following the right method for saving your home.



#2. Call the licensed electrician


Water damage can completely destroy the electrical system of your house. Moreover, the entire space can be risky as there can be chances of electrocution. Why take the chance, when you have the option to call professional electricians?


The  water damage service  provider will also need the electrician to make sure that the wet or water-logged spaces are safe to access. Licensed electricians can shut down the main circuit box to prevent major accidents.


# 3. Documenting the losses


Water can damage your house to a great extent. But you cannot assess the extent of damage without the help of professionals.


  • The water and mold restoration company  will suggest developing digital records of the damages by taking enough pictures with the time and date stamps.
  • There should be documentation about the level to which the water rose inside the house.
  • The professionals will document every article and objects that suffered from water damage. So the soaked personal belongings as well as the wet carpets and furniture will be on the official document.


The restoration services will have to remove the drywall by at least 2 feet or more above the waterline mentioned in the document.


# 4. Look for the right professionals


Although some of you may prefer to start the initial cleanup it is better to leave the entire project to the skilled and trained  water removal services.  There will be millions of germs thriving in wet conditions. Exposure to such microorganisms can cause many health hazards.


  • The professional team for restoring the water damages knows well about the necessary preventive measures to protect themselves.
  • The team will have the necessary tools and equipment like dehumidifiers to accelerate the drying process.


Thus, the choice of the top professionals is vital for the correct execution of the plan.

# 5. Save the carpets and furnishing



Have you noticed the soggy carpets? Within days, they will be smelly masses that can become the ideal breeding ground for the mold.


  • With the help of the  water damage cleanup  service, you can dry up the carpets quickly and also destroy the possible fungal colonies that grew owing to the moist environment.
  • You can not just keep the pieces of furniture outside to dry up. Professional help is necessary to dry the furnishing indoors.


make sure that the professionals forget to execute any of the points.


# 6. Verify the extraction process


Professional restoration agencies will use techniques and tools to extract the water from the building.


  • Now it’s your job to re-verify whether the extraction has covered all possible areas of water accumulation.
  • Look for possible pockets or saturations that the professionals have to deal with separately.

The verification is necessary to make sure that you don’t start noticing symptoms of water damage months later, only to realize that the extraction process was not complete.


# 7. Need for reconstruction


Sometimes, water damage can ruin or destroy the primary structural framework of a building or the basement. In that case, the  water remediation company  can help you with the reconstruction work.

Save the property

the residential property is the owner’s asset. If you can’t prevent the disaster, make sure that you put in all the effort to find the best restoration company. The process will save the property and will also prevent the untimely devaluation of the property. Call the best professionals for appropriate restoration.

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