Real estate is one of the most lucrative businesses in Kenya with this in mind; there have been an increased number of real estate companies in Kenya. This article will therefore focus on the top 10 biggest real estate companies.

  1. Diamond properties

This company won the top 100 mid-sized company in Kenya in 2016-2017 making it to real estate Company which has issued over 3,000 title deeds in less than 20 years.

  1. Hass consultants

This company was established in 1922 which has its foundation in specializes in consultancy, property development, letting, selling and managing properties.

  1. Villa care limited

This is a renowned real Estate Company in Kenya. It provides services such as property management to book individual and government agencies. This company is unique from other real estate firms because it provides accountancy services, rent collections and management.

  1. Knight frank Kenya

This is a residential and commercial property firm in Kenya, Uganda and is known for its excellent utilization of property development. Since its inception the company has existed for over 20 years. The company specializes in research consultancy, project management, valuation and agency.

  1. Optiven enterprises

This company buys land from a low income corner and provides it for sale. It has subsidiaries such as the optiven water and optiven construction.

  1. Pam golding properties Kenya

This company has its foundation in South handles services such as new development sales, residential and commercial sales. This company believes in professional service with a sense of reliability and integrity.

  1. Vaal property

This company specializes in elite residents’ funds in Nairobi and its environment. VAAL Real Estate is one of the most trusted real estate companies in Kenya.

  1. Dunhill  consulting limited

This company was established in 2003, it focuses on both residential and commercial properties in Kenya. Its services include management of real estate and valuation.

  1. Azizi realtors

It specializes in prime properties in Kenya. It comprises expert property advisors who deliver quick sales. They also focus on management and sourcing tenants.

  1. Homes universal

The company pools together over 10 subsidiaries that offer services ranging from property valuation, interior design, sales and letting. Read more 

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