ChatGPT: come cambierà il futuro con l’IA?


Technology advances relentlessly, each time proposing more advanced solutions that seem to resemble more and more human capabilities. The time to wonder how ethically right this is and where it will lead us is now past. Especially following the effects of the pandemic, we have all become more technological and have established a more fluid relationship with the Internet and various devices. Even those who were staunch opponents of innovations had to take a few steps back, right from the first ring of WhatsApp or as soon as they received an important email.


The latest news in the tech field is that of ChatGPT (GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer), a program powered by artificial intelligence that seems to be able to answer all our questions. The immediate fields of application have been the most coveted ones, such as online betting predictions . Who doesn’t want to have a prompter who can predict the outcome of their next slot game or soccer match?


To date however, it seems that ChatGPT is not yet able to predict the future. Players will then have to proceed with the traditional game mode: a little experience and a bit of luck.

The 3 most common uses of ChatGPT (excluding Italy)

ChatGPT had a little hitch in Italy, due to the block established by the Privacy Guarantor. According to the Italian authority responsible for protecting our privacy and that of our data, this program does not offer sufficient guarantees so it will not be usable. The question of the violation of privacy is expressed in more specific behaviours, for example the failure to communicate the relative information to the users who have used the service. Then there are other aspects targeted, such as the inadequacy of protection for minors, in the event of answers that could expose them to inappropriate content. From this point of view, several states have asked for clarifications.


Having therefore verified the reverse in Italy, complete with an investigation procedure in progress, ChatGPT continues in other countries, without excluding the use by many users in the territories subject to restriction via a VPN.


So what will be the main uses of this much discussed product of the American company OpenAI?


  • Personal use is one of the most popular, we could ask ChatGPT for example to organize our holidays . all we have to do is enter our preferences, practical data such as the budget and within a few moments we will get our answers. Will we be satisfied with the result or will we go back to our historical travel agency at home?
  • I programmi di scrittura saranno molto utilizzati sia dagli studenti che da coloro che scrivono di professione. A volte la fretta, il poco tempo o la poca voglia possono spingerci a ripiegare sul lavoro di qualcun altro: se poi qualcun’altro ci aiuta gratuitamente e senza rivelare a nessuno il suo supporto, ancora meglio. Attenzione però, che sono già attivi i programmi di controffesa, creati cioè per identificare i contenuti scritti con ChatGPT;
  • Creation of images and multimedia content: creativity is the watchword on the web and ChatGPT could come to our aid when it comes to creating images, photos and videos. We don’t yet know what the quality level of these images is, but we like to think that there will always be that detail capable of revealing whether the intelligence that created the work is human or artificial.


Breath also held for the next update of this program, called update 5. This time OpenAI has not paid attention to half measures: based on what was revealed by the company itself, the result will be even more similar to human intelligence. Human word.


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