The Cream Deluxe 615g Nitrous Oxide Nitrous Cylinder

The cream deluxe N2O cylinder is armed with a whopping 615 grams of food-grade nitrous oxide. This is more than enough to light up the night! You can purchase these cylinders in any quantity you want and even charge them with different amounts.  Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, a wedding reception, or any other type of celebration,  the cream deluxe 615g can make your night a hit!

N2O cylinder is armed with 615 grams of food-grade nitrous oxide

This new whipped cream charger will replace your old and redundant whisk and manual piping bag. Its patented pressure-release nozzles and 165-bar pressure-testing make it safe to use in bars and kitchens. Developed by MOSA, this company spans over 140,000 square meters and has been around since 1988.

The N2O cylinder comes with a regulator so you can regulate the pressure of the gas while using the cream dispenser. With 615 grams of food-grade gas, the Cream Deluxe charger has a longer life than other similar products. If you are looking for a reliable, high-quality charger that can whip up cream quickly, the cylinder from Cream Deluxe is a great choice.

The Cream Deluxe 615g N2O atomizer is equipped with a smartwhip, which holds 615 grams of food-grade nitrogen gas in a cylinder. This tool is easy to use and affords greater control of textures than any other nitrous oxide charger. All cylinders come with a pressure release nozzle and a safety lock for added protection.

Cream Deluxe chargers are available in a variety of quantities

The Cream Deluxe whipping cream charger is the best whipping cream product available. It whips cream quickly and easily. It comes in a variety of quantities, ranging from a single ounce to a liter. The larger size allows for higher Nitrous Oxide availability. And since it’s leak-proof, it will stay fresh for a long time. Moreover, the charger is dishwasher safe  Read more