The Decemberists – “Traveling On” (Capitol Records, 2018).


Following up their 8th studio recording ‘I’ll Be Your Girl’, praised by NPR as “vibrant and alive”, The Decemberists release their EP ‘Traveling On.’ The collection consists of 4 additional tracks from the ‘I’ll Be Your Girl’ recording sessions (previously featured on the ‘Exploded Edition’ box set) along with a full band version of “Tripping Along”. This release continues a tradition of post-album EPs, joining ‘Picaresqueties’ (2005), ‘Long Live The King’ (2011) and ‘Florasongs ‘(2015).

The Decemberists – “Traveling On” (Capitol Records, 2018).ultima modifica: 2018-12-31T11:16:31+01:00da clfanzine

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