What are the Popular Breakfast Catering Menu Options

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and most people usually skip that because of their busy hectic work life. Most companies start hiring a breakfast catering company to provide food for their employees. This helps in increasing the productivity of the work and results in gaining more profits for your business.

What are the Popular Breakfast Catering Menu Options

You can hire a reputable catering company for providing healthy breakfasts for your employees. It will allow your employees no longer waste precious time visiting the local store for breakfast. Mangia is one of the leading breakfast catering Midtown company. They are experts in offering tasty food for your corporate meetings, conferences, events, etc.

When it comes to the menu, they are having a wide variety of catering menu options prepared by using fresh ingredients. You can also choose what type of catering menu you want for your employees in order to make them more comfortable for eating food. Let us take a look at some of the popular breakfast catering menu options.

Continental Breakfast Menu:

This type of catering menu is cost-effective and most of the catering providers served this type of menu in buffet style. Caterers may offer one to three types of juices, assorted baked breakfast bread, coffee or tea, seasonal fruit, and assorted cereals and dry fruits. The continental breakfast menu is usually for team meetings, training, or any other customer events.

Traditional Breakfast Menu:

Traditional breakfast catering menu contains foods from the continental menu as well as scrambled eggs, meat like bacon or sausage, and fried potatoes. This type of menu is suitable for companies that are not suffering from budget problems.

Breakfast Stations:

Breakfast stations make your event more memorable by adding a breakfast station that serves food made with fresh ingredients. This includes an omelet station, waffle station, pancake station, etc. The cost for this type of catering menu is a little much higher when compared with other menu options. However, your employees will like the event, and this makes them happier which results in increased production in work.

Plated Breakfast:

This type of meal offers a more formal touch to a breakfast business meeting or event. Catering providers offer different options to build anything from a fruit platter breakfast to traditional breakfast items. Plated breakfasts are an excellent choice for people who prefers sit-down meal.

Breakfast Pastries:

Breakfast pastries are excellent for a sit-down board meeting with the clients or breakfast for the teams on the go. This includes doughnuts, croissants, muffins, etc. Most companies offer this type of catering menu for their employees to get their breakfast quickly on the go.


One of the most important meals that you should skip for a day is breakfast. If you are running a business, it is essential to have breakfast catering for your employees in order to make them more productive in their work.

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