What Is The Purpose Of A File Converter?

We know that there are hundreds of file formats available in the tech world. Each file format can serve a particular purpose and you may need them all for specific functions. But it is not a condition that you will have the proper application to access these files, and some might be too large to share online. So, there is a requirement for file converter software that will help you with access or sharing.

What Is The Purpose Of A File Converter

Purpose of File Converter Application

We shall list out the need for file converter applications in your daily life since you might be changing tiff to jpg or doc to pdf. So here are the major reasons why you need these converters.

Accessing Issues

We already mentioned that it is not a condition that you will have an application to access every file type on your PC or Mac. So, you need to change the file type so that you may access it. Generally, this kind of issue occurs when sharing files from one device to another or from one software application to another.

For example, when you share an audio file in WhatsApp, you can find it in the OTT format. This format cannot be played by several media players on the PC. So, you have to convert it into a recognizable format like mp3 or mp4.

You can perform this conversion using a local converter application or you can post the file online and get it converted using an online converter.

Without a file converter, you cannot access these file formats. So, this is one of the major purposes of file converter applications.

Reducing the File Size

Some file formats may take up a lot of storage space due to their high-quality data. For example, if you take the Tiff format in images, you can see that it has a large file size which is very difficult to share online or upload to your website. Also, this file type is only used for editing purposes. So, here the need to convert the file into a more lightweight format is necessary.

JPG file on the other hand has a more compact file size and can be easily shared online. So, a file converter will help you to compress the file to a different format and help you to use it for uploading or sharing.

These are the major reasons why you may need a file converter application. It is very handy in many situations.


File converters help you to change the file type as per your requirements. The purpose of these converters is to make it more accessible or compress it to a smaller file. Due to these benefits, it is always better to know an online converter or a local file converter application for your PC.

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