When You Should Call a Mobile Car Mechanic?

Many car owners are fed up with taking their cars to the garage for repairs. It is really hard to find a reputable repair shop and also it is a time-consuming task. Even a simple repair can take more hours to complete depending on how many vehicles are being serviced at the same garage.

In order to avoid the inconvenience of sitting in the waiting room at an auto garage, you can consider hiring a mobile car mechanic.

When You Should Call a Mobile Car Mechanic

A mobile car mechanic is the same as a garage technician who travels to your vehicle location to provide high-quality repair and maintenance services. CB Auto Services are expert in offering mobile car repair services at affordable costs. Mobile mechanic Perth helps in getting your car fixed without interrupting your schedule.

Let us discuss some of the common car issues that might indicate it is time to call a mobile car mechanic for help.

Braking Issues:

It is important to keep your brake pads in good working condition is crucial to your safety. If you hear any squeaking or squealing sound when you step on the brakes, it is a sign that your brake pads are wearing thin and need immediate replacement. Damaged or worn-down brake pads can cause the steering wheel and brake pedal to vibrate excessively and increases the risk of driving the vehicle.

When you spot any of these signs, you should call a mobile car mechanic. They are experts in assisting you with a brake inspection and brake pad replacement.

Oil Change:

One of the important parts of maintaining your vehicle is getting your oil changed. Engine oil helps in lubricating different moving parts of your vehicle engine in order to keep them running smoothly. Most cars need an oil change for every 5000, 7500, and 10000 miles. Every vehicle is unique, and it is important to read the owner’s manual to find out how often you need to get your vehicle oil changed. Once your vehicle reaches the distance, it is time to call a mobile car mechanic for an oil change.

Car is Pulling to One Side:

Have you ever noticed your vehicle start to veer to the left or right? If your vehicle is pulling to one side, you need to book an appointment with a mobile car mechanic. They will carefully inspect your vehicle to diagnose the problem and make essential repairs.

High Engine Temperature:

It is essential to monitor your car engine temperature gauge, which measures the temperature of your engine coolant. Coolant is responsible for removing heat from the engine and results in keeping your engine running smoothly. If the coolant is hot, it won’t absorb much heat from your engine, which means the engine can overheat quickly. Hiring a mobile car mechanic helps in diagnosing the heating problems and gives a perfect solution for this issue.


By hiring a mobile car mechanic, you can get your car fixed simply without leaving your comfort. From the above, you can get a piece of detailed knowledge about when it is the right time to call a mobile car mechanic for repairing your vehicle.

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