How to Troubleshoot Autotrol Water Softener

The effectiveness and simplicity of operation of Autotrol water softeners have made them popular. However, they could sometimes run into problems, just like any other device. Here are some troubleshooting procedures to assist you locate and fix any difficulties you may be having with your Autotrol water softener.

How to Troubleshoot Autotrol Water Softener

Not enough soft water

There might be a number of causes for the non-production of soft water by your Autotrol water softener. Check the brine tank’s salt level first. Make sure there is sufficient salt to aid in the regeneration process. Add extra salt as necessary if the mixture needs it.

Next, make sure the resin bed is operating correctly. The resin beads often develop coatings of iron or other minerals, which impairs their capacity to remove hardness from water. If so, the resin bed may need to be cleaned or changed.

Use of Water in Excess

An issue with the control valve may be the cause of your water softener using an abnormally high quantity of water. Start by looking for any system leaks. Check for any leaks by checking the connections and the bypass valve. Replace any broken components or tighten any loose fittings.

Additionally, you want to examine the control valve’s programming. Verify the settings and avoid setting the regeneration cycle too often, which might result in excessive water use. To learn how to make the settings correctly, go to the user handbook.

Salt Mushing and Salt Bridges

Salt bridges develop when a solid crust covers the salt in the brine tank, obstructing the salt’s correct dissolution by the water. Inadequate brine production and ineffective regeneration may arise from this. Use a broom handle or other similar implement to carefully break apart the salt bridge in order to solve this problem.

On the other side, salt mushing takes place when the salt solidifies into a thick sludge at the bottom of the brine tank. This may cause a blockage in the water flow and lower softening capacity. The brine tank has to be totally emptied and cleaned in order to resolve this issue. Make sure the water levels are appropriate and refill the tank with new salt.

Codes or Warnings for Errors

Consult the user manual to learn what the problem codes and warning lights on your Autotrol water softener imply if they appear. These indicators may provide useful information regarding certain system problems. To solve the issue effectively, according to the manual’s directions. For further help if the problem continues, speak with the manufacturer or a qualified expert.


You can find and fix typical problems with your Autotrol water softener by troubleshooting it. Your water softener must be properly used and maintained in order to operate at its best. You can maintain your Autotrol water softener’s effectiveness and profit from soft water in your house by following the troubleshooting methods described above. To maintain the correct operation of your Autotrol water softener, it is important to get expert assistance from the manufacturer or a licensed technician if you have recurrent problems that you are unable to fix.

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