What are the Different Annotations Available in Online PDF Editors

Portable Document Format or PDF has become the most common type of format for sharing and viewing documents in this digital age. With the emergence of several PDF editors online like GoPDF, users can now be able to easily annotate their documents along with editing their texts. This feature allows users to add comments, highlight texts, draw shapes, and perform various other interactive actions.

What are the Different Annotations Available in Online PDF Editors

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of annotations available to add in PDF files using an online PDF editor.

Text Annotations:

The most popular type of annotation offered by online PDF editors is text annotation. They allow their users to add comments, notes, and edited explanations directly onto the PDF document. Text annotations can be inserted easily in the type of pop-up boxes, and sticky notes, or can be included in the document itself as an edited text. This is especially useful for collaborative work purposes because it enables users to provide feedback and share ideas.


Another valuable annotation used for highlighting the important information in the PDF document is highlighting and underlining. A reliable PDF editor online like GoPDF offers a wide range of highlighting options to the users, which includes different colors and transparency levels. These annotations make the texts more visually accessible, which results in helping the readers to focus on reading the specific sections or paragraphs.

Stamps and Watermarks:

Stamps and watermarks are important annotations, which is used to add customized images and designs to PDF documents. Signature, logos, dates, and other relevant images of the text will come under the stamps. On the other hand, watermarks are semi-transparent overlays applied to the PDF document in order to show the status, confidentiality, and ownership of the document. Also, stamps and watermarks are useful for protecting and identifying PDF files.


While editing a PDF document, users can be able to include clickable links inside the PDF document by using the hyperlink annotation. These hyperlinks help the users to connect with the additional pages inside the PDF, external websites, or even to particular places within the document. Hyperlinks make PDF documents more interactive by facilitating easy navigation and enhancing the user experience.

Form Fields:

Users can be able to fill out forms within a PDF document by using a form field annotation. This annotation can include text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, drop-down menus, etc. Online PDF editors like GoPDF allow users to create, edit, and submit forms, which makes them perfect for applications, surveys, or any document as per user requirements.


In order to enhance the functionality and interactivity of a PDF document, online PDF editors provide a wide range of annotations. The above-mentioned annotations allow users to edit their PDF documents according to their specific needs.

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