Happy Birthday




These years  along our time, these years cover  us

as a fine powder, unstoppable.

Nimble  creeps in the mind, unknowingly.

This sly dust permeates the muscles, blood and veins,

but  helpless  before the heart stops,

and can not penetrate it.

Our hearts remain free of time, pure as crystal.

I have no fear, my love,

you’re always here in my heart,

starting from the happy days

in our  fresh sea room.

The horses fountain was an incessant shout,

mixture of splashing, train whistles,

din among the daisies shot up in the sun.

Silhouettes of convoys and velvet  flowers

slept in the avenues of the resort.

Now there’s you again, coloring my days,

to wake me up from the stupor of sadness.

Don’t arm the mind with melancholy thoughts,

just listen to your heart, nothing but your heart,

and when you’ll be sad, your heart  will  take you up,

and  will not deceive you.

Your heart will reveal  I’ll never get tired of you

because the sun rises in the morning,

and it warms me with your  time.

I will tell you that I’m not tired of you

because nonchalant  you traverse

the more subtle ways of my soul,

and because  you gave me our  guys,

honest and vigorous.

I’ll never get tired  of you

because you are all my time,

inexorably nailed in front of our hearts.

I  keep myself  knotted  to your  shadows

and your  smiles.

Remember? I said  I would have liked

to grow old with you.

We are doing well, my love.

And when we

will have spent a hundred years together?

What are a hundred years before of

Our love?

Happy Birthday, my love,

What are one hundred years,

when we

will have learned to fly?