Faith Moves Mountains

What it’s Like to Have Faith in Yourself

Every action in this universe starts with faith or a pure intention. Faith is a powerful force that provides us with the ability to do the mundane and the apparently unattainable. It’s faith that allows you to question the status quo. It’s faith that you go to bed and believe that tomorrow will be a pleasant day. 

The most common error we make in life is to have doubts about our own destiny. Too frequently, we suffer from inferiority complexes and begin to believe that we are worthless.

Countless medical studies show that people of faith are better at handling their relationships, understanding emotions, and achieving their goals than their faithless counterparts. When you doubt every step you take, your process slows down, and your steps become shaky. Faithlessness gives rise to hopelessness, despair, and misery. On the other hand, once the seed of Faith sprouts in you, it grows into this plant of personhood, confidence, and creativity with strong roots. 

Your degree of achievement in life is a direct outcome of your belief system. Having faith is thinking that you are capable of doing anything and everything. Let’s not confuse faith with narcissism and egoism.  The former is to become obsessive with a false sense of self that never even exist. On the other hand, faith is to believe in your existing self and circumstances and work along with them instead of suppressing or lamenting over them. 

Failures Leading to Self-Pity

The most important lessons we may ever learn in our lives come from our mistakes. You must understand that you never fail when things do not go your way; instead, you fail when you refuse to get up.

Unfortunately, most of us fell into this lope of failure leading to further disappointment. When you fail at one task, you automatically assume that you’re a misfit for everything else. You make a false self and unconsciously try to feed upon this self to justify everything that goes south. This is because you are more aware of your flaws. In your mind, they are brutally accentuated as symbols of humiliation, weakness, and failure.

Failure is crucial because it will ultimately help you evaluate the methods that don’t work so that you can discard them and attempt deciphering the ways that do! 

Faith Moves Mountains

Faith comes from accepting yourself and what is essential to you. It does not result from being unauthentic or attempting to impress others.

Most of the time, our disbelief limits God’s visible power in our lives. If you have just a grain of pure Faith, as little as mustard seeds, you shall speak, and it shall stand.

The only way to move mountains, get past the obstacles, and eliminate problems is to build strong Faith. Faith is the foundation of every journey. Without a strong foundation, you may stagger and fall. When the foundation is strong, the rest follows. 

Faith Moves Mountains journey

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