Welcome new Employees with love, AND a Welcome Kit!

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Every student dreams of landing a nice job after finishing his degree. When a person walks out as a fresh graduate after earning a degree from their college, they are unaware of the working world of office and work places. It is a scary phase for them because their life is transitioning from a carefree one to the one with lots of responsibilities and other adult duties. When they join a work place for the first time in their lives, they are not sure of what kind of difficulties they are going to face, how difficult or easy this change is going to be for them, how they are going to adjust to this new adult life and more questions like that. It is the duty of a company to put their new employees at ease by offering them a pleasant environment and a warm welcome with an Employee Welcome kit.

As a part of our culture and traditions, we are supposed to welcome guests at our homes with utmost respect and humility. We have to treat them with special care and make them feel warmly welcomed. Hospitality runs in our blood and that is why we don’t shy away from applying the similar principles in work place and office settings. When a new customer joins our brand, we pleasantly welcome them as a new member by offering them dealer welcome kits. Such welcome kits are not only thoughtful gestures by a company towards its customers but also a way of introducing them to the complex and detailed information regarding its products and services. A welcome kit will include a welcome note addressed towards the customer and will include a card offering a membership, an instructions booklet and other gift items like a customized cap or t-shirt. 

A typical welcome kit should include items that have a practical usage, are printed with the company’s logo and are made of good quality. A gift kit is a representation of the company it’s coming from, therefore, it has to be of good quality. A company can include customized items like logo printed t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies in a kit. Other items such as a coffee mug, coasters, mouse pads, a laptop skin, stickers, pen drives, engraved pens, sipper bottle, mobile cover, face masks and badges can be included in the welcome kit. Stationary items like notebooks, diaries, note pads, pencils, paper weights, planners, organizers and desktop items will also make a valuable addition to the kit for your newly joining employees. Business card holders, name plates, table clocks, laptop bags, flask, bowls, and even a lunch box can be considered when making a gift selection.

All new beginnings should be marked with something symbolic. Inviting your new staff members into your office is a mark of new beginnings. To make it memorable for them, you can present them with welcome kits. Such kits can be purchased from an online printing store at the most affordable rates. Such kits usually include 3 or 4 items printed with the company’s logo and a welcome message for the new employee. 

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