Weld quality directly determines the quality of pipe

At present, the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, because of its production technology constraints, seamless steel pipe production costs have been high, resulting in its economic benefits gradually declined. With the Chinese steel industry Stainless Steel (Alloy) Fittings Manufacturers technology development, new products to replace the seamless steel pipe also began to cut a striking figure, so that the new product whether achieve seamless indicators? And what’s the essentially difference between them? Now do a simple discussion on the difference between the market two products – stretch reducing steel pipe and welded steel pipe.1, Weld quality directly determines the quality of pipe, and is also the maximum difference of the welded steel pipe and seamless steel pipe. Welded steel pipe after high frequency welding and submerged arc welding, carbon can not be eliminated, the weld and parent pipe are connected together, and not fully integrated, which can not survive the high pressure.

Hot stretch reducing steel pipe should go through 800 degrees high temperature heating in the pipe welding, whole annealing, after a series of this process, gradually close to the parent organization performance, well done the transition from the seam to the seamless.2, The various process also resulted in the differences in product quality, stretch reducing steel pipe in pipe welding is proposed a process which the straight seam welded steel pipe not conducting: online clearance and burr. The burr will affect the flow of fluid in the tube, and the burr blocks the normal flow of fluid, thereby generating vortex. According to the principle of fluid mechanics, the weld local compression will increase inevitably, uniform stress of the welded pipe insurance coefficient is greatly reduced, stretch reducing steel pipe production process to take full account of the danger of the burr for deburring, so as to make the wall thickness uniform, appearance with no difference from the seamless steel pipe.

So from that point of view, hot stretch reducing steel pipe completed the transition from the seam to the seamless, the difference between the two is not limited to the above two points, but enough to describe the longitudinal welded steel pipe and stretch reducing steel pipe also has the very big difference. The latter is based on longitudinal seam welded steel pipe, followed by online inside and outside burr clearance, overall heating, variable and a series of new processing technology, which have achieved a qualitative leap, can widely used in high-voltage field, straight seam steel pipe is usually used in the low pressure environment water gas conveying or used for steel structure.

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