Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Which 5 Options to Choose?

Are you waiting for some robot vacuum cleaner reviews?

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First and foremost, robot vacuums are getting more modern than ever before. They won’t likely be fed up with their working routine. Without putting much effort, they help many householders in keeping the floor clean and tidy.

You may want to stay away from that tired feeling after cleaning. Therefore, let these following robot vacuum cleaners help you.

What is the best robot vacuum on the market? In this article, we offer 5 popular options for you. Stay tuned!

Top 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Ecovacs Deebot N79S ($229.98)

Which is the best-rated robot vacuum? Ecovacs Deebot N79S (a low-cost robot vacuum cleaner) is one of them. Although the smart navigation is still limited, the Deebot N79S proved itself to be a worth-to-pay item.

This item works with app control, and it can also integrate with Alexa as well. These characteristics help the item work even more effectively in specific situations.

Its design may not impress users at first glance. Nevertheless, the Deebot N79S offers quite a few special features. Instead of a remote, you can use your phone to control the robot vacuum.

The app contains some modes for using it more easily like: “auto”, “edge”, “spot”, and “room.” Through this, you can check the battery, or even set a schedule for the vacuum.

Ecovacs Deebot N79S works absolutely silently. Therefore, it can vacuum without waking anyone up at night.

Things We Like

  • Multiple modes to choose from
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent app and voice control
  • High-quality value

Things We Don’t Like

  • Cleaning mode is confusing
  • Not thorough enough in cleaning
  • The voice support is basic

iLife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner ($250)

One of the best robot vacuum cleaner? The iLife A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner is worth trying out. This is a fantastic option at an affordable price.

Its design is quite simple, constructed in a circular shape. This contains an iLife logo and a single ‘auto’ button. Despite that, this item has a pleasant aesthetic look for users.

When it comes to cleaning styles, the iLife A4S offers quite a few multiple options. All of them are applied through the same technique. These features are to help cleaning each area better.

Without Wi-Fi capabilities, you still can control the iLife A4S well with the remote. You can also schedule a clean or even start a clean cycle.

Performing well through different surfaces, the iLife A4S proved itself to be one of the householders’ ideal robot vacuums.

Things We Like

  • Compact design
  • Battery life is durable
  • Multiple cleaning modes

Things We Don’t Like

  • Less impressive suction on high-pile carpet
  • Wi-Fi connection is unavailable
  • Can suddenly be lost returning to charging dock in testing

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iRobot Roomba i7+ ($1,000)

Another best robotic vacuum cleaner? iRobot Roomba i7+ belongs to this list. When we compare robot vacuums, this item is likely to get the highest recommendation.

Despite its price, the iRobot Roomba i7+ owns a cool concept. This item has a smart design, which barely causes problems down the floor.

You can control it via the iRobot Home app (for both Android and iOS). The bot will give you cleaning tips if you are a new user.

Sometimes you can see it thinking. Afterward, the i7+ will enter a room to clean, then pause by itself. For better cleaning, you should allow it to map the house.

This item isn’t perfect, but it can clean pretty fast. Want a convenient robot vacuum? Let the iRobot Roomba i7+ help you.

Things We Like

  • Camera-based navigation is excellent
  • Fast cleaning
  • Easy to empty the cleaning base

Things We Don’t Like

  • Too expensive
  • Sound of the cleaning base is too loud
  • Not thorough in cleaning

Neato Botvac D4 Connected ($500)

Among those robot vacuum reviews, they will always have the Botvac D4’s attendance. This is a flexible robot vacuum cleaner with many high-end features.

The Botvac D4 Connected has a distinctive ‘D’ shape. This is slightly lighter than any model from Neato. That’s why it can squeeze into those tight corners.

There is only a single button to control the item. One tap will activate a regular clean. If you choose the double-tap, a spot clean will start.

For a special clean, the Botvac D4 Connected will set up navigation of your home. You can also schedule it for automatic cleaning and keeping your home tidy.

The Botvac D4 is also good at managing obstacles. Without getting stuck, it copes well in different areas. This is definitely an excellent option to handle your home cleaning.

Things We Like

  • Smart mapping
  • The laser navigation is excellent
  • Can empty its own dustbin

Things We Don’t Like

  • Battery life is short.
  • General pick-up could be more flexible
  • There are no sweeping side brushes

Samsung Powerbot R7070 ($600)

The last item for today’s Best Rated Vacuum Cleaners  : Samsung Powerbot R7070. This is a reliable option, with a companion app and powerful suction.

The ‘U’ shape makes it perform better around those corners and edges. Its design is a special advantage, which helps cleaning easier.

Besides, the Samsung Powerbot R7070 is seen to be a user-friendly robot vacuum. You can dump the dirt comfortably without wearing gloves.

The Powerbot is quite easy to set up. Follow the steps, and you just need to plug in the base, then put the unit onto the charging pad.

Beyond our expectations, the Samsung Powerbot R7070 is worth considering. It is likely to become a household appliance for many users around the world.

Things We Like

  • Excellent app controls
  • Smart navigation
  • Various steering options

Things We Don’t Like

  • Battery life is short
  • Wi-Fi connection doesn’t activate well
  • Unreliable Alexa integration

In Closing

In short, the robot vacuum cleaner is sure to be householders’ companion in the long run.

We have taken a deep look at the market nowadays. Eventually, we are able to offer the five best robot vacuums for you guys.

Is home cleaning still a big concern for you? We don’t think so.

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