Corporate Financial Institute (CFI) is a global leader in providing the best and the all-time resourceful courses for financial modeling and valuation courses to provide the best learning experience for anyone wanting to become a world-class financial analyst! 

A financial analyst in recent times needs to develop a versatile skill set that will require the best of the best learning resources. Besides good learning resources, you also require a good well-rounded exposure and hands-on experience in the world of finance. 

An all-around financial modeling course should include a bit of theoretical knowledge, a lot of practical knowledge from real-time experience, and also one that will prepare you to build successful business institutes. 

CFI compiles all these three crucial skill sets and presents you with crisp, engaging and extremely informative and holistic courses that you can take anytime and anywhere at your ease! 

CFI also provides a wide array of free courses that beginners and first-timers can avail themselves of to get a taste of what it is like to be part of the finance and financial modeling world. The free course range is also a perfect match for people on a budget and looking to kick start their career in finance with the most basic knowledge and skillsets. 

Below I have compiled a few of the most popular free courses on CFI. 

Careers in Commercial Banking:

This course is designed for anyone wanting to understand the structure and career path in commercial banking careers. Via this course, you will understand the different job profiles and roles and their duties, responsibilities, functions, etc and additionally also be able to understand what each day looks like while in these positions. 

After the completion of these courses, you will get a solid overview of how to navigate around the various career options in commercial banking, how it all is structured, hands-on and real-time experience how each role is required to perform on the field and what traits they will require to become successful in that role. 

The free course requires a total of 3 hours to complete, where you will get an overview of the banking spectrum, the purpose of commercial banking, types of borrowing, a preview of industry focus, and much more!

These courses are fully online and self-paced, so you can learn from these courses anywhere and anytime you wish. 

This course can be taken up by anyone looking to build a career in banking. Whether you are a fresher, a graduate, a postgraduate or someone even looking to transition into a different job role, this course will be extremely helpful to all. 

Capital Markets: 

The introduction to Capital markets provides an all-rounder and crisp overview looking to build their career in the industry and also get a thorough knowledge on what are the key opportunities available in this industry. 

With the help of this course, you will get in-depth insights on the ‘Buy Side’ as well as the ‘Sell sides’ and either learn something or sharpen your pre-existing knowledge and skillsets. 

One of the key learnings here will be on how the Capital Markets are organized and the different tiers of roles present in this field. This will help you move around the various opportunities and fit in where your skill sets and knowledge fit the most

These courses are completely online and self-paced and will take an estimated 2 hours to complete. If you are looking for paid courses,  FMVA Course  by CFI is the most famous course.

Topics Covered:

Topics covered here are Defining Capital Markets, Lesson on Sell-Side that includes Origination and Primary markets along with Sales & Trading and Secondary Markets and lesson on the Buy-Side that includes Traditional and Non-Traditional. 

The key learning objectives include Primary and Secondary markets definitions that will also include stakeholders involved in each party, the activities and moves on the Buy-Sides and Sell-Sides and the employment opportunities available on each of these sides, Understanding how each of these functions seamlessly and smoothly for the proper functioning of the Capital Markets. 

Foreign Exchange Essentials:

As the name suggests, this course provides you with a good and in-depth overview of the essential skill sets required Foreign Exchange market and how the Foreign Exchange market works and how you can make the most of the career opportunities present in the market. 

Topics Covered:

This free course covers all the fundamental skills and knowledge that you will need to acquire to become greatly successful in Foreign Exchange. 

Here you will get an overview of the history of how Foreign Exchange came into existence and its fully functioning form, about all the different opportunists and market participants that exist in FX and the different roles they play, the different exchange systems that are currently present and also about the wide range of Foreign Exchange platforms that exist. 

This course aims to make you understand what Foreign Exchange is, what does a ‘Perfect Market’ mean, what is market data, the market drivers, the regulatory environment, and more!

The free course is 100% online, and you can take up this course at your own pace and is approximately a 2-hour course altogether. 

Accounting Fundamentals:

This is a 2 part course and covers all the fundamentals you require to become a pro in accounting. This includes an overview of the study of income statements, cash flow statements, the layout of the balance sheet and more!

This course provides a detailed demonstration, explaining how you can create the most flawless financial statements from square 1! 

This free accounting course will make up the foundation of the knowledge base that you will require to understand the varied financial models and many other types of wall street financial analysis at your comfort and pace. 

Topics Covered:

This course contains 2 modules. The first module is all about how you can construct a balance sheet and how you can create an income statement sheet. This explores the various parameters present in the formats of an income statement and a balance sheet statement and explains them interactively and engagingly. 

Besides that, you will learn how to define the two types of statements, the definition of the various financial statement terms such as prepayments, accounts receivable, etc. Additionally, you will also learn how to record financial statement transactions and construct a balance and income sheet.

The second module consists of fundamentals to construct a cash flow statement. Here you will learn the basics of what a cash flow statement is, the various layouts of it, how to build this, and finally the primary differences between an income statement and a cash flow statement.

This course covers the various elements present in the format of a cash flow statement, understanding and analyzing the difference between cash and profit, and finally how to create a basic cash flow statement using an income and balance sheet statement. 

This course is fully online, and you can learn it at your pace and will take approx 2.50hours to finish it. 


These were just a few of the most popular free courses available on CFI that will give you a run for the time you invest in these courses. 

In each of these courses, you will be able to download the various course materials. They are 100% online and self-paced and hardly take a few hours to complete an entire course at your comfort. 


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