5 Signs of Pest Infestation to Look for When Searching for a New House

When it comes to house hunting, there are many things you need to consider, and one of the most critical ones includes pests. Pest infestations can cause serious discomfort and adversely impact your lifestyle. Apart from causing damage to the property, pests can pose grave threats to the health of the inmates. So, when searching for a new house, it is crucial to look for the tell-tale signs of an infestation. 

That said, pests are very good at hiding. Many times, you can’t identify a pest infestation in a house until it’s too late. To make things easier for you, here is a list of 5 red flags to look for when purchasing or leasing a house. So, click here to know more about pest infestation. 


  • Signs of Nesting Grounds


Rats, mice, ants, etc. will make nests that may pose a serious threat to the adults and children living in the house. Using a flashlight, check all the corners and crannies of the house, including spaces inside the kitchen cabinets. Make sure there are no ant holes, hives, or evidence of shredded paper that might be used for making nests. 


  • Suspicious Holes or Gnaw Marks


Often, pests such as mice leave behind gnaw marks on the walls. This is primarily because such infesters like to scratch on the walls with their teeth and nails. So, if you witness any holes or marks on the walls or the floors, it may be a sign of a possible infestation. Also, make sure to check for burrows in garbage areas or chewed-up electrical wires as they may also indicate an infestation. 


  • Foul Odors


Often, odors are associated with a chemical present in the urine and feces of pests. For instance, mice and rats pass urine that emits an enduring stench that takes several days or even weeks to clear. So if any house you visit has a typical foul odor, it must be marked as infested. 


  • Pest Droppings


One of the most obvious signs that a house is infested with pests is if you see their droppings or feces lying around. Every particular pest has its distinctive fecal matter that may help to identify the type of infestation. For instance, mice may leave behind feces that may look like dark-colored sesame seeds. Alternatively, the droppings of mites may look like pellets that are woody in texture. 


  • Dead Bugs and Shells


Dead bodies and old shells of bugs are another tell-tale sign of bug activity in the house. Carefully check for a pile of shed wings, dead ants, and insect parts. It is best to examine windows, nooks, and bathroom and kitchen floors as these are the most common areas where bugs are found. In addition, check for sawdust piles near wooden surfaces and floors as that may indicate a termite infestation. 


A house infested with pests can prove extremely detrimental to your health. Watch out for these signs to avoid purchasing or renting a house that is home to these vermin. You can also seek the services of a good pest control company in case you need any help with termite control. 

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