What Is Design Thinking, And How Is It So Popular?

It is not just designers who use Design Thinking; it is used everywhere. Some of the world’s leading brands, like Apple, Google, and Samsung, enthusiastically embraced the approach of design thinking. Nowadays, leading universities around the globe, and Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College London, teach the related methodology. You can opt for design thinking certification online as well. 

Understanding what is design thinking and why it is so popular is essential before implementing it into your processes. To begin, let’s talk about what design thinking is and why it’s so popular.

What is design thinking? 

Design thinking is an entirely iterative process. It seeks to understand your consumers, question assumptions, reframe challenges, and provide unique ideas that can be prototyped and tested. The ultimate objective is to uncover alternate techniques and answers that are not immediately obvious based on your current level of expertise.

Design thinking is more than simply a technique; it introduces an entirely new way of thinking and provides a variety of hands-on ways to assist you in implementing this new attitude.

How does design thinking help in real-life applications? 

  • To create products and services that meet the needs of the individual, we have a strong desire to understand them. With the help of design thinking, it is possible. 
  • It provides insight into the target consumer’s behaviour and helps us develop empathy for them.
  • We can question problems, assumptions, and consequences better through design thinking.
  • This tool is helpful when figuring out how to deal with problems that are unclear or ill-defined.
  • We experiment with new ideas through sketches, prototypes, testing, and trials.

How has design thinking become so popular nowadays?

Over the last few decades, it has become more critical to develop abilities that enable people to recognize and respond to changes in our society. The world is evolving increasingly complicated and interconnected; design thinking, as a result, provides a technique for dealing with this fast change in a human-centred manner.

Some challenges are referred to as “ill-defined,” and design experts employ design thinking to tackle them because the approaches may reframe such difficulties in a human-centric manner. This allows designers to concentrate on what is more necessary for all consumers.

It is feasible to go beyond the norm and dive deep into offering answers to challenges by employing design thinking. It enables designers to do appropriate research, develop prototypes, and test services and products to develop innovative methods of addressing the demands of users.

Because of its potential to generate successful solutions, design thinking improves the world around us every day. It is more than a technique; it creates space to think and a means for implementing this new way of thinking.


The article talks about what is design thinking and how it can improve operations regardless of the business type. Design thinking is fundamentally a problem-solving strategy to improve products. It enables you to examine and analyse recognized parts of an issue and find more unclear or peripheral factors that lead to the problem’s circumstances. A more scientific technique is used to solve by testing the tangible and known features. You can learn design thinking very quickly with design thinking certifications available on several online education platforms with the collaboration of leading universities.

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