Raw Oysters or Live Oysters?

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Oyster lovers know that there’s nothing quite like enjoying a fresh oyster, shucking the shellfish to reveal that briny, delicious flavor profile with a big slurp. However, some people are a bit put off to find out that raw oysters are technically live oysters. 

It may be surprising, but the best oysters served raw are either still alive or have just been killed when you eat them, but there’s a very good reason for this.

Live oysters are the freshest oysters

When eating raw shellfish, it is paramount that they are fresh to ensure the safety of the meat. Like most seafood, oyster meat goes bad quickly when exposed to the elements, so most oyster farmers ship their oysters, mussels, scallops, and clams alive. This means they are still in the shell, and cooled before being carefully rinsed in fresh water. These oysters are often shipped overnight so that when they arrive at your home or an oyster bar, they are still safe to eat by their delivery date.

Shucking an oyster—using a shucking knife (also called an oyster knife) to separate the shell in preparation to eat—usually kills the creature, but some oysters continue living after being shucked. This means that when you order “shucked oysters,” “shell oysters,” or “half shell oysters” at a restaurant, you may be eating live oysters. Thankfully, oysters have no central nervous system, so it is highly unlikely that they feel any pain when shucked or eaten.

Live oysters retain their taste.

Though safety is the main concern, oysters quickly lose their bold flavors after they are shucked and stored. While tins of oyster meat still retain their savory taste and can be enjoyed year-round, these batches are not meant to be eaten raw and often lack the same flavor profiles as their raw counterparts.

Oysters taste completely different depending on the type of oyster and where they were raised. For example, Miyagi/Pacific oysters and Kumamoto oysters are raised in the Pacific Northwest saltwater, where the high salinity results in buttery, creamy, and often sweet flavors. On the other hand, bay oysters that hail from shellfish farms in New England (Maine, Chesapeake Bay, Long Island, etc.) are aquacultured in the East coast Atlantic, which results in a briny, bold seafood flavor.

When you eat freshly shucked live oysters, you will be able to taste the flavor profiles of the oyster farm where each bivalve was harvested, which is often lost if the oyster is not eaten immediately. Acids like lemon juice or vinegar help these flavors truly shine!

Get live oysters delivered to your home

If you want to enjoy the deliciousness of a fresh, live oyster in your own home, it’s easy and safe to have them delivered. Simply place the shellfish you’d like to enjoy in your cart, checkout, and wait! Our oysters are shipped through FedEx the next day or overnight shipping with cooling packs or ensure the freshest oysters available to the public.

Whether you want to enjoy an oyster BBQ or class it up with some caviar, mignonettes, and the New York City skyline, Taylor Shellfish Farms has live oysters that will fit the bill.

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