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Sound is a powerful tool to elicit emotions and strengthen brand associations. It can also help you create a unique identity that differentiates your business from competitors.

In this digital age where podcasts, music streaming services and smart speakers are gaining popularity, sound-based marketing is essential to capturing audiences. WithFeeling is a specialist agency that focuses on sonic branding, original music compositions and sound design while also supporting best practices in talent and rights management.

We are WithFeeling

Whether it’s a memorable jingle, soundscape or background music, a strong sonic brand can help you connect with your target audience and build emotional bonds that last. In a world where television advertising has been overtaken by digital and online marketing, sonic branding is a crucial way to stand out from the competition. Whether you’re creating a sonic logo, selecting background music for your commercials or designing soundscapes for your in-store or online experiences, select WithFeeling as your partner for audio branding and discover the power of sound for your business.

WithFeeling is a new sound and music design & production agency led by Chris Atkins and Joe Dickinson who previously led the audio strategy and experiences for Expo 2020 Dubai, including their well-loved theme song ‘This is Our Time’. The team of experienced sound and media professionals also looks to bring best practices into complex areas of talent and rights management. They are supported by a truly diverse professional team that spans media, advertising and marketing, including Emirati voice talent Safia Al Shehi; former Expo 2020 senior VP of visitor experience Dr Federica Busa and creative director Tom Callaghan.

We are a sound & music design & production agency

We are a sound & music design & production agency with a clear focus on the audio and video experiences that make for more engaged and memorable audiences. Our seasoned team of music, media and technology enthusiasts are on the cutting edge of everything audio related from sonic branding to original music compositions and the latest in AV technology. We have a long track record in the audio and visual worlds spanning several continents and are looking forward to the challenge of creating a memorable sonic footprint for your next big event. The name of the game is to deliver the best possible experience to all your stakeholders in a way that embodies the brand message, delivers a strong ROI and makes you look good on the big day.

We are a sonic branding agency

A well-conceived sonic branding strategy can deliver many benefits for your business including increased brand recognition and recall. It can also increase your company’s sales by establishing an emotional connection with your customers.

At WithFeeling, we have the expertise to design sonic identities that best represent your brand and its core values. We can create original music compositions, sweeping sonic logos and audio post-production that help your business stand out in the marketplace.

Sonic Branding is an art form that is rooted in the human brain’s ability to process sound quickly and efficiently. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most effective and powerful ways to engage your audience.

We have a truly diverse team of professionals from across media, advertising and marketing. We are led by co-founder and managing director Chris, an all-round creative, experienced senior music producer and award-winning multi-media specialist with over twenty years’ experience. He has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands including BBC, Expo 2020 Dubai and Commonwealth Bank.

We are a sonic identity agency

Sonic identity is an important aspect of brand marketing. It triggers emotions and enhances brand recall. It also gets more attention than a visual logo alone. We are WithFeeling. Sonic Branding Agency.

With Feeling is an audio branding agency that specializes in sonic logos, sound scapes and music beds for brands to use globally. We support music rights best practices and provide creative and strategic guidance across all aspects of brand communication with sound.

We help brands build and deploy a consistent, authentic sound experience that drives emotional connection at every consumer touch point. It can be as simple as an audio logo and theme or as comprehensive as a full Sonic Identity.

We created a sonic identity for Master card that is used in a variety of places online and offline to represent their commitment to trust, security and acceptance. It’s an anthem that helps customers connect to the brand and its promise of priceless value.

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