Sick And Tired Of Doing Prom Dress The Old Way? Read This

Prom is one of the most memorable moments in anyone’s life. It is the day when new memories are made that you’re going to remember for the rest of your life. It is one day in the year when you’re supposed to dress up all fancy and elegant. It is one day when all your friends and loved ones come together and celebrate under one roof all the ups and downs of the year that you went through. Such a special occasion requires a unique dress too. But many a time, choosing the perfect prom dress can be a bit of a hassle because of the prominence of the occasion and the pressure that comes with it. To help you get rid of just that, Hello Molly has a variety of prom dresses to choose from to let you pick a dress that is way more unique than what would be expected from a typical prom dress and let you exude your unique style.

Here’s how you can select a prom dress that is nothing like the old and the mundane and that will make every head turn:


The classic black and blues of prom dresses are all good, but they’re also very overused and likely to be worn by every other girl. It’s time that you experiment with new colours and shades that not only fit well with your skin tone but also put you in the spotlight. Prom dresses don’t always have to be boring and follow similar colour codes, which is why Hello Molly has a huge array of options of colours of prom dresses to choose from, like the ‘Hello Molly Sparkling Fantasy Sequin Midi Dress’, ‘Hello Molly Amarelys Sequin Maxi Dress’ and many more.


Most prom dress stores out there give you a staple length of prom dresses to wear that doesn’t compliment your frame or your style. Gone are the days when you had to go by what was being sold in the stores, and it’s time you choose a prom dress that goes well with your unique values and choices to make you look like the best version of yourself. Hello Molly has a prom dress in every length ranging from a mini prom dress to maxi and midi prom dresses too. Some prom dress options in different lengths at Hello Molly are, ‘Hello Molly Sweet Destiny Mini Dress’, ‘Hello Molly Keep It On Repeat Midi Dress’, ‘Hello Molly Feels On Repeat Maxi Dress’, etc.


Sleeves are one of the most essential elements of a dress that can make or break the entire outfit. Hello Molly offers you an assorted range of options in the kind of sleeves you want in your prom dress, from long and short sleeves to sleeveless prom dresses. If you want to go for a bold look, you can go for ‘Hello Molly Pop  A Champagne Maxi Dress Gold’, or if you’re insecure about your arms and want to cover them up, you still have great options to look pretty in a prom dress with options like ‘Hello Molly Keep A lookout Dress White’.


Yes, prom is an age-old tradition, but your prom dress doesn’t have to be, right? The fashion world keeps changing, and there’s something new around the corner every other day. While most stores only give you the old and boring styles in prom dresses to choose from, at Hello Molly, you get the option to keep up with the trends by picking a prom dress that not just matches the ongoing trends but also matches your style and compliments you in the best way possible. From A Line, animal print, bodycon and backless prom dresses to knitted, Gingham, lace and floral prom dresses, Hello Molly has the best of it all. You can choose from various trendy prom dresses at Hello Molly, like ‘Hello Molly Feels On Repeat Maxi Dress’, ‘Hello Molly Feeling Rosie Dress Black’ and many more.


The days are over when you would have to follow the ‘one size fits all’ rule and try to squeeze into prom dresses that neither compliments your unique body type nor do anything to accentuate your distinctive features. A prom dress should help you highlight your best features and not your best efforts to conform to the current standard of beauty. Hello Molly has a prom dress for every girl in every size, like the ‘Hello Molly Sweet Sundae Sequin Mini Dress’ (XS), ‘Hello Molly My Solo Debut Maxi Dress’ (XL), and many more varied size options.

These are some ways you can change the way of wearing prom dresses for your next prom. From different colours, shapes and trends to sleeves and varied lengths, Hello Molly has a prom dress for all your different preferences. 

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