This can reduce the residual buoyancy of the float.The most important ingredients in commercial nesting materials They are all made according to the needs of fish growth! In addition to the commercial nest material, the most used by the fishermen is the pellet bait! But the best pellets are the pellets fed by raw sugar!

This is the opening we always talk about in competitive fishing. During the day and night fishing is possible, I think it should be lowered, such as adjusting 3 eyes fishing 2. Entrance! The golden sleeve hooks are used for small crucian carp fishing and in the spring and autumn.

There are several ways to fish. It’s better than pulling bait and the effect of attracting fish is better! Increase the effect of lure fish! Black Pit Fishing Technique 3rd, Fishing Technique I can’t say anything about fishing skills.Let’s take the fish ponds around Haicheng as an example. Yes! The luck of the fishing friends who really fish in the fish ponds is that the station is very small, which is my personal opinion! Then the fishing club will separately talk about these important factors!

One of the black pit fishing techniques, bait The most commonly used bait in our Haicheng area is bloodworms, whether it is spring, summer, or autumn. I will also sprinkle some small medicines when I use granular nests. When fishing snaps Manufacturers the raw sugar is not available, I use garlic flavor instead! There are many commercial nesting materials and I have tried a lot. In spring and autumn, the temperature is relatively low.

For a fisherman, floats are the human eyes. Spread the bloodworm evenly on the bloodworm partner and stir evenly if you feel it If it is dry, sprinkle a little water with your hands. Mix bloodworm and dry powder bait with drawing powder Make it into a bait ‘No need to cut the bloodworms’!

There are more fish in the fishing club, but it is getting harder and harder, mainly because there are more masters. The climate is unstable and the water in the pond is cold. Carp fishing in this season in spring is indeed difficult. From five yuan fishing a day to hundreds of days now. At least you can understand these pits to catch a good fish. I suggest that there are 3-4 pits under your hand. Fish nowadays are basically inferior to nests, and they don’t recognize pasta. The fishing rod can be used for two-eight fishing partial 37. When the bait is opened for the second time, the medicine is halved, because the bait for black pit fishing should be lighter and lighter. The current black pits are basically not allowed to hit the nest, but the lead can be used to carry the nest.


Spring fishing carp line group must use thin lines, generally 1. After selecting the number, reach the fishing position as quickly as possible, and pull the nest quickly, so that the fish can gather quickly. It is best to use the hand and the nest to open the bait. Fish and old fish, the amount of China fishing accessories tools Suppliers medicine added is completely different, and what kind of bait this pit likes. When the tree is moved to death, the angler must first do three diligences: diligence with hands, legs, eyes, and concentration. This is fairer to everyone, and there is no need to climb the middle of the night after the fifth shift, which is too tired. As a black pit fisherman, don’t run around, because if you don’t know the water conditions, fish conditions, and fishing positions, it is difficult to catch good fish.2 large lines, 0. You can also use two fishing spots to fish back and forth at the same time.I am not a master, but the black hole is a little longer. Don’t steal the donkey, just pull the nest, lift the rod frequently, and draw a dozen rods.


The fishing club recommends to go to the pit with a door and open the door at a certain point.0 brain lines are enough, because spring fish have no power.   The spring bait ratio is mainly fishy, supplemented by fragrance. Throwing fish from the past 100 or 200 catties to the present three to five thousand catties. Don’t pretend to be a master. The amount of the new fish spraying medicine should be a little more. For a fisherman, if he wants to catch a good fish, he must first understand the fish pond, which shore he loves to fish in, which fishing position he is in, and he must also understand the water quality, whether it is lean or fat, and new.


Sitting on a fishing position and motionless, as the saying goes, good people move around. It is recommended that you can bear it a little bit. Basically, it will be almost until April 15th. If you fish one or two, pull 1-2 small groups, don’t continue to cast the rod, wait 15 minutes and then continue fishing , Because stealing a donkey must let the fishing position calm down so that the fish can enter the nest quickly.8 brain lines or 1..5 large lines, 1. It has been more than two decades

At this time, the rod should be closed immediately, and the fish must be caught. Raft poles have many different brands on the market, and there are many large and small manufacturers of raft poles, but most of them are in the form of two-section cuttings. In recent years, I have used raft rods to hook wild crucian carp for winter fishing many times, and I have had a good harvest each time. I have compiled some experiences of wild crucian carp fishing with raft rods and hooks in the past few years for the reference of the fishermen of the fishing club.

Fish cuts are often made at the moment when they hit the rigid line, and this cut is often a big crucian carp. Because the tip of the raft pole is extremely thin, it is not possible to use a lot of explosive force during long-range and throwing, and it is easy to damage the tip.

Sometimes the rod tip is moved and immediately returns to the line. Red worm hooks are also very particular.. Raft rods were originally used in bamboo rafts or boats and seaside net cages to catch marine fish, and a fishing rod equipped with fishing reels. When encountering a large carp that is nearly ten catties, just adjust the force and operate China fishing line spooler it properly to catch it ashore.5 to 2. The main line should not be too long for the thread of No.5, generally  sticks when the fish is fast, and a few more when the fish is slow or thin.

With proper operation, it is no problem for the fishing club to throw the string group 30-40 meters. The lead sinker adopts 15-20g spindle type lead sinker.8-meter raft poles. Imagine 3 mdash; 4 red worms twisting in the water. The attraction to the wild crucian carp is conceivable. The fishing reel prepared by raft rod fishing is best to use a small, high-quality, non-clearance fishing reel of type 800 mdash; 2000, which can accommodate fishing lines of size . The length is generally about The upper fish is basically the two hooks below. Only when the tip of the rod is shaking continuously, at this time the rod is lifted and fished. If you don’t catch fish for another half an hour, you must change the direction of the fishing rod again, or simply look for another fishing spot.

Because of the actual use effect of the fishing rod, some special materials are also used in the spraying and baking process of the fishing rod equipment, which is a very common phenomenon.  And some of the first sections of the fishing rod will use glass fiber.

Under normal circumstances, when the spraying and baking process of the fishing rod equipment is carried out, it is even the only basic process left.

When the fishing rod equipment is in the process of spraying and baking paint, the appearance of the fishing rod we usually see is completed through this process. That is because carbon fiber is too hard, and fishing tackle Suppliers only glass fiber can achieve strength and toughness

Gillnet operations for fish species such as jawfish, herring fish, plum boy fish, anchovies, scleroderma, scleroderma, whitebait, small male fish, etc. We will serve you wholeheartedly.  The fishery administrative departments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) may, on the basis of the smaller mesh size standards stipulated in this circular, and according to the fishery resource conditions and production practices in the region, formulate more stringent marine fishing gear smaller mesh sizes Standards and report to the Fisheries Bureau of the Ministry of Agriculture for the record.

According to the existing scientific research foundation and actual fishing production, the smaller mesh size system of marine fishing gear is divided into two fishing accessories tools categories: permitted fishing gear and transitional fishing gear. , The fishery administrative departments of each province (autonomous region, municipality directly under the Central Government) will individually formulate smaller mesh sizes according to the actual fishing production, and strictly limit the specific operation time and area.

Friends who need fishing gear can contact us. Transitional fishing gear will be converted to permitted or prohibited fishing gear in the future according to the need to protect marine fishery resources, and an announcement will be made.. to make primitive fishing gear to catch fish and shellfish in rivers and lakes. As early as the Paleolithic age, humans used natural barbs, antlers, pig teeth, stones, etc. Permitted fishing gear is a marine fishing gear allowed by the state.

Instruments, meters and other auxiliary equipment, fishing boats and mechanical equipment for fishing gear to improve fishing efficiency are not included in the scope of fishing gear. Local concession regulations will be published on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture to facilitate fishermen’s inquiry and supervision. The main species caught by the trawl net are anchovy, the main species caught by the open net are prawns and eel fry, and the main species caught by the seine net are the specific fish species such as scaly fish, scaly mullet, catfish, golden sardine, and small male fish.

Fishing gear is a general term for various tools directly used for fishing and harvesting economic animals in waters., are mainly fished by each province (autonomous region, municipality) The administrative department implements franchised operations according to the smaller mesh size standards determined this time, limiting specific operation time and area. The above is the relevant requirements for the smaller mesh size of fishing gear. The requirements for the smaller mesh size of fishing gear are as follows

It is not suitable for the whole earthworm to be directly hooked, because when the fish swallows the hook bait, the head of the bait is generally used as the entry point. Therefore, we need to change the bait frequently when we use the earthworm hook to fish. There is no need to repeatedly match bait or frequently change bait. For more information, please follow the WeChat public account: Fishing Tackle Industry Belt. If you lift the rod at this time, it is easy to cause the fish to escape. This information comes from China. But when hooking up, novice fishers are prone to make several mistakes.

If the earthworms used are not very small, you can hang half of them with one hook. In general, crucian, carp, bream, etc. In order to achieve better results, try to use live earthworms or directly pinch off one third of the head of the earthworm, and only hook the back two thirds of the earthworm to leave the tail of the earthworm. Some fishermen are accustomed to exposing the tip of the hook when using a hook to hang earthworms. If you think that this kind of manuscript infringes your legal rights, please send the relevant qualification certificate to yueyang@99114. [Disclaimer] The purpose of the works reproduced on this website is to convey more information.

Therefore, when we use an earthworm to pierce a hook, we have to hide the tip of the hook inside the earthworm so that only the tail of the earthworm is, and the staff of China Net Library will reply and deal with it in time!. This manuscript does not represent the views of this website, and this website does not bear joint and several liability for the infringement of such manuscripts. How can we use earthworm bait more flexibly? Geng Shengli: The hook tip is exposed when it hangs on an earthworm.

The fish hook enters the hook from the section of half of the earthworm, and a proper amount of the tail of the earthworm is exposed on the hook, so that it can squirm and strengthen the effect of attracting fish. are very cautious in eating bait, especially carp. Not only is it not fresh, but the color is not good-looking, which directly affects the lure effect of earthworms. Foreign objects or seeing the tip of the hook exposed will not bite the hook easily. Let us share and look forward to your attention. This will easily scare the fish away. Li Chengfeng: Some fishermen are used to using an earthworm fishing tackle Manufacture for a long time without changing it.

One is economical and the other is more convenient to use. If a fish eats the bait, it is easy to swallow the hook into the mouth. The effect of attracting fish is quite good. But earthworms that have been soaked in water for too long can easily become dead bait. But the use of earthworms must also pay attention to certain skills, and if used well, it can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.Whether for wild fishing or leisure, many fishermen still prefer to use earthworms as bait. When the hook exposed bait is too long and the fish sucks the earthworm, it will cause a floating reaction

After choosing the fishing position, we must make the nest according to the specific fish situation. If you think that this kind of manuscript infringes your legal rights, please send the relevant qualification certificate to . The fish is under the hook and can be pushed and floated. Look for the drift phase 1. Silver carp and bighead carp are medium and large fish, and they like to gather together, so the choice of fishing tackle should not be too short but not too long. 3. Mainly blunt mouth. They like light, wind, and fat water. 5.5-meter carbon rod. Today, let’s talk about the techniques of fishing for silver carp and bighead carp. For bleaching, use thick and long bleaching that is fast and in place. We usually choose deep fishing spots, which can be fished from top to bottom. ‘Thick’ means that the line should be thick. I don’t recommend that you do it yourself. It doesn’t matter. Silver carp and bighead carp like sour and smelly. The main line is around 5-8, and the sub-line 3-6 is suitable.

The atomization time of the bait is determined according to the depth of the water. It is best to bleach the tail to bear the weight of the bait! 4. 2. 6. Note that the atomization should be good and the flavor should not be too heavy. 3. Let us share and look forward to your attention. 1. Lift the rod and anchor it to the fish body or empty rod, which is the fish on the hook. Silver carp and bighead carp are pelagic fish. The float slowly rises 1-2 meshes, and then down for a strong meal! (Very few meshes) At this time, the pole is lifted, and it is mostly righteous. Keep in mind that the common drifting fishing line spooler phases of silver carp and bighead carp , Accumulate experience through long-term actual combat! For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Fishing Tackle Industry Belt. 7. Fishing is originally intended for entertainment and relaxation, and it won’t be much cheaper! You can buy commercial bait directly. It is caused by the fish sucking the falling powder bait under the hook, you can push and float until a blunt mouth appears! Move 10-20 cm each time! 2. This manuscript does not represent the views of this website, and this website does not bear joint and several liability for the infringement of such manuscripts. 5. According to this feature, many fishermen prepare their own bait, usually by letting it ferment to make it emit a sour smell.

Silver carp and bighead carp have a large mouth, and Iseni No. Such fishing spots tend to be easy to catch big silver carp and bighead carp and reduce the waiting time for attracting, and the staff of China Net Library will reply and deal with it in time!. Common problems 1. According to the habits of silver carp and bighead carp, ponds and general reservoirs are generally suitable for fishing in relatively quiet sunny and deep water areas. Auxiliary bait drawing powder, white powder, snowflake powder, small medicine, etc. If you are not too big, you can use a 4. ‘Big’ means that the hook must be big. 2. 10-12 is generally used. Diao shakes slightly, and then suddenly down for a strong stop. Choose a good fishing place. Let’s come to the fishermen’s house to learn fishing skills, and wait for the fishing season next year.4-meter carbon rod!

Of course, it depends on the water surface. If there is no movement, push and float again until it appears. The float rises rapidly for more than 2 meshes, it is the silver carp and bighead carp interface, the bait is already in the mouth, and most of the rods are raised! 4. Usually, the atomization should be completed within ten seconds when it is in place. You can pull and float until a blunt mouth appears! Move 10-20 cm each time! Although the size of silver carp and bighead carp is large, the drifting phase is extremely weak, and some have only one-half or one-third of the eye, which is fleeting, which requires us to keep our eyes and hands not away from the rod. Choose fishing method to gather fish quickly. Choose fishing tackle. They all use their gills to filter food and like plankton.

This information comes from China. WeChat ID: yueyang99114 Happiness or Joy. 3. If you are too big, you can use a 5. Silver carp and bighead carp belong to pelagic fishes. The dense fish star in the nest is straight out, and there is no movement in the float. -Generally, 2 hooks are dropped, the strands are 50 cm long, 15-20 cm apart is better. The black float or slowly rises for several heads, which makes you feel like a big fish. Food use Silver carp and bighead carp are filter-feeding fishes that feed by filtering plankton in the water. Floating up and down within the scope of one eye, it is the bait of silver carp and bighead carp on the sucking hook. If there is wind, choose a leeward. We usually throw away the good bait with our hands, and we can throw it to the fishing spot with our hands. At this time, you can pull more 30-40 cm each time. [Disclaimer] The purpose of the works reproduced on this website is to convey more information. The lead is relatively large.

The rod should be lifted in time for any pause or acceleration in the middle of a sudden, black drift, sinking. When choosing a good fishing, silver carp and bighead carp like high temperature, and the appetite is best at 25-32 degrees Celsius! Generally we choose to fish when the temperature is higher! Need to pay attention to the low water temperature, the weather is not suitable for fishing.In winter, many fishing friends in the north can’t catch fish anymore. The looser the better! Pay attention to make up the nest frequently! Fishing float. Sometimes floats slowly descend or rise, and there is no blunt mouth. The state and taste of the bait in the water are fully brought into play by frequent rod pulling, and we must be flexible according to the fish situation. If people often use long poles on large water surfaces, we need to use long poles at this time

Net fishing gear The world’s aquatic products caught with net fishing gear account for more than 80% of the total catch. Enter the body and capture, Wholesale fishing swivel snap Manufacturers or use the empty hook spike to capture. Real bait can be divided into animal bait and plant bait according to different sources. Raking thorns Fishing gear with the properties of rake digging and protruding thorns., and some are equipped with floats, sinkers, fishing rods or other accessories.

The choice of bait is often the key to the success or failure of the catch. There are two types of inverted tooth structure and no inverted tooth structure. with small holes in the waters where they often inhabit and stay to lure them to sneak in and catch them. Plant bait is used to trap freshwater fish, mainly rice, wheat, sweet potato and other products. The artificial bait is made of feathers, cloth pieces, rubber, wood, metal and plastic. China is an e-commerce platform dedicated to fishing gear under the China Net Library, which concentrates all upstream and downstream enterprises across the country to purchase and wholesale authentic products.

Disguised as animal bait that the fishing target loves, or made into other lures that can stimulate the fish’s predatory response. The hook is the part that is tied to the fishing line and acts as a barb. So if you want to pay more attention to the knowledge of fishing gear, please come here! The above information comes from China!.Generally speaking, fishing gear is divided into 4 types according to structural characteristics and operating principles. Such as eel cages, shrimp cages, conch cages, etc. Provide consumers with professional fishing gear trading platforms and information, and have abundant fishing gear resources.

In marine fishing, fish, cephalopods, crustaceans and other animal baits are generally used; in freshwater, earthworms and insects are mainly used. Net fishing gear is composed of net pieces, ropes, floats, sinkers, etc. Fundamentally, the quality of fishing gear can be guaranteed. The former is a rake with sharp teeth and claws, which rakes and digs the fishing objects that are submerged in the mud and sand; the latter includes darts, gunsaws, long-handled hooks and other projectiles and empty hooks, which are aimed at the captured objects during operation.

Cage pots take advantage of the habit of some fishing objects who like to drill holes, and set up cages, pots, conch shells, etc. Fishing gear usually consists of hooks, baits, fishing lines, etc. According to different fishing objects and methods of operation, fishing gear is divided into 9 categories, including gillnets, seine nets, trawl nets, stretch nets, pull nets, spread nets, dip nets, cast nets, and traps. It can be divided into two types: real bait and artificial bait.

Hard-tail floats Hard-tail floats are also called solid floats, that is, the tail is solid and cannot be replaced. Suitable for own fishing gear.2. When displaying the fish signal, the fishing rate is extremely high Wholesale Fishing Accessories Tools Suppliers by continuously lowering 1 to 2 meshes. If you want to carry out a ‘practice’, then fishing gear is indispensable. There are few kinds of floats in the market and it is dazzling. It is like a kind of ‘practice’. The glasses of fishing lies in the fishing float. The hard tail floats can be divided into two types: carbon-footed hard-tail floats and bamboo-footed hard-tail floats due to different float materials.

Fishing is a very challenging thing. Only by cognitive float can you find the right one. The soft tail drift can produce a certain upward restoring force. It is generally made of glass fiber resin.The use of soft tail float is to give up the power of the bait. Due to its thick feet and low center of gravity, bamboo-footed hard tail floats are faster than carbon-footed hard tail floats and turn over after entering the water under the same conditions. Therefore, fishing friends and friends must choose the best according to their own circumstances when purchasing various fishing gear. For more details, follow China. In a pond with piles of trash fish or when the rods are frequently raised and empty hooks are replaced with such floats, the situation will be greatly improved. This kind of float has light weight, high buoyancy, and soft float.

The difference between tail drift and hard drift. Peacock feather material floats body, carbon floats feet. The so-called magnification feature of using a hard tail float is to catch the fish and eat a little bit of power. Soft tail float The classic production mode of soft tail float is: soft tail, that is, hollow tail, which can be replaced. If there is no power and no bite, the float must return to the original number of meshes, without lifting the rod. For crucian carp fishing, the four-fishing-two is the most typical. Because of its long and slender tail, the fish signal has a wide range of movements, which can be used to catch slow fish, cunning fish, and deep-water fish. The so-called restoring force refers specifically to the use of bait, float down, fish loose mouth, and immediate return to the original number of meshes in the Taiwan fishing group. You can observe fish information earlier. If you don’t know what floats are, you don’t know where to start. High, the floating movement is steady and continuous.

Most of the hard tail floats have very long tails, and the number of targets is also large. Therefore, the soft tail drift is known for its accurate signal.Carbon-footed hard-tail floats are very stable due to its slender indicator and strong windproof performance, which is very suitable for fishing bottom fish. Nowadays, the fishing gear market is getting bigger and bigger. The restoring force is the difference between soft tail drift The main feature of the hard tail drift. It can catch 1-4 meshes in use. The indicator is generally seven or eight eyes. So today I will introduce you to the soft floats.1. Generally, bamboo-footed hard tail floats are used for Float and catch half-water, catch fast fish. Through comparison, it is not difficult to find that the two kinds of fishing floats have their own characteristics and uses, and they have their own advantages and disadvantages

Broken, aluminum alloy soleplate at the bottom of the ship, thick wear-resistant protective armor, V-shaped inflatable keel at the bottom, can withstand greater impact and resistance to wind and waves, and can drive at high speed in large waters such as sea, river, lake, etc. This kind of boat is very light and has a flat bottom.. If you want to use this kind of boat for fishing, please remember not to enter complex waters.

Sharp objects such as fish hooks, reefs, and wooden stakes are difficult to pierce. The second type is a clip-net inflatable fishing boat with a material thickness of 0. Fishing in some static small river ponds is fine. People who stand on the boat will shake very much. The third type is aluminum alloy inflatable fishing boat.The rapid development of living standards has made the fishing gear used by many fishing friends fishing tackle accessories more and more diversified.

The first material is very thin, like a few hundred pieces, and the hook is basically broken when it is shaken, and the safety factor is equal to zero. Therefore, those who use this kind of boat for fishing, please don’t stand, and try to sit firmly. You don’t have to ask for the more expensive the better.6mm, suitable for fishing in small reservoirs. The fishing gear you choose can be considered according to your own needs.

The aluminum alloy bottom inflatable fishing boat uses Russian imported high-density military inflatable boat airtight cloth., whether it is fishing or water Surfing is the best choice.2mm. The material thickness is 1. The current inflatable fishing boat is a new way of fishing, which has attracted more attention abroad. Finally, no matter what kind of inflatable fishing boat you choose, this is just a way to let you relax