At this time, the rod should be closed immediately, and the fish must be caught. Raft poles have many different brands on the market, and there are many large and small manufacturers of raft poles, but most of them are in the form of two-section cuttings. In recent years, I have used raft rods to hook wild crucian carp for winter fishing many times, and I have had a good harvest each time. I have compiled some experiences of wild crucian carp fishing with raft rods and hooks in the past few years for the reference of the fishermen of the fishing club.

Fish cuts are often made at the moment when they hit the rigid line, and this cut is often a big crucian carp. Because the tip of the raft pole is extremely thin, it is not possible to use a lot of explosive force during long-range and throwing, and it is easy to damage the tip.

Sometimes the rod tip is moved and immediately returns to the line. Red worm hooks are also very particular.. Raft rods were originally used in bamboo rafts or boats and seaside net cages to catch marine fish, and a fishing rod equipped with fishing reels. When encountering a large carp that is nearly ten catties, just adjust the force and operate China fishing line spooler it properly to catch it ashore.5 to 2. The main line should not be too long for the thread of No.5, generally  sticks when the fish is fast, and a few more when the fish is slow or thin.

With proper operation, it is no problem for the fishing club to throw the string group 30-40 meters. The lead sinker adopts 15-20g spindle type lead sinker.8-meter raft poles. Imagine 3 mdash; 4 red worms twisting in the water. The attraction to the wild crucian carp is conceivable. The fishing reel prepared by raft rod fishing is best to use a small, high-quality, non-clearance fishing reel of type 800 mdash; 2000, which can accommodate fishing lines of size . The length is generally about The upper fish is basically the two hooks below. Only when the tip of the rod is shaking continuously, at this time the rod is lifted and fished. If you don’t catch fish for another half an hour, you must change the direction of the fishing rod again, or simply look for another fishing spot.