It is not suitable for the whole earthworm to be directly hooked, because when the fish swallows the hook bait, the head of the bait is generally used as the entry point. Therefore, we need to change the bait frequently when we use the earthworm hook to fish. There is no need to repeatedly match bait or frequently change bait. For more information, please follow the WeChat public account: Fishing Tackle Industry Belt. If you lift the rod at this time, it is easy to cause the fish to escape. This information comes from China. But when hooking up, novice fishers are prone to make several mistakes.

If the earthworms used are not very small, you can hang half of them with one hook. In general, crucian, carp, bream, etc. In order to achieve better results, try to use live earthworms or directly pinch off one third of the head of the earthworm, and only hook the back two thirds of the earthworm to leave the tail of the earthworm. Some fishermen are accustomed to exposing the tip of the hook when using a hook to hang earthworms. If you think that this kind of manuscript infringes your legal rights, please send the relevant qualification certificate to yueyang@99114. [Disclaimer] The purpose of the works reproduced on this website is to convey more information.

Therefore, when we use an earthworm to pierce a hook, we have to hide the tip of the hook inside the earthworm so that only the tail of the earthworm is, and the staff of China Net Library will reply and deal with it in time!. This manuscript does not represent the views of this website, and this website does not bear joint and several liability for the infringement of such manuscripts. How can we use earthworm bait more flexibly? Geng Shengli: The hook tip is exposed when it hangs on an earthworm.

The fish hook enters the hook from the section of half of the earthworm, and a proper amount of the tail of the earthworm is exposed on the hook, so that it can squirm and strengthen the effect of attracting fish. are very cautious in eating bait, especially carp. Not only is it not fresh, but the color is not good-looking, which directly affects the lure effect of earthworms. Foreign objects or seeing the tip of the hook exposed will not bite the hook easily. Let us share and look forward to your attention. This will easily scare the fish away. Li Chengfeng: Some fishermen are used to using an earthworm fishing tackle Manufacture for a long time without changing it.

One is economical and the other is more convenient to use. If a fish eats the bait, it is easy to swallow the hook into the mouth. The effect of attracting fish is quite good. But earthworms that have been soaked in water for too long can easily become dead bait. But the use of earthworms must also pay attention to certain skills, and if used well, it can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort.Whether for wild fishing or leisure, many fishermen still prefer to use earthworms as bait. When the hook exposed bait is too long and the fish sucks the earthworm, it will cause a floating reaction