Net fishing gear The world’s aquatic products caught with net fishing gear account for more than 80% of the total catch. Enter the body and capture, Wholesale fishing swivel snap Manufacturers or use the empty hook spike to capture. Real bait can be divided into animal bait and plant bait according to different sources. Raking thorns Fishing gear with the properties of rake digging and protruding thorns., and some are equipped with floats, sinkers, fishing rods or other accessories.

The choice of bait is often the key to the success or failure of the catch. There are two types of inverted tooth structure and no inverted tooth structure. with small holes in the waters where they often inhabit and stay to lure them to sneak in and catch them. Plant bait is used to trap freshwater fish, mainly rice, wheat, sweet potato and other products. The artificial bait is made of feathers, cloth pieces, rubber, wood, metal and plastic. China is an e-commerce platform dedicated to fishing gear under the China Net Library, which concentrates all upstream and downstream enterprises across the country to purchase and wholesale authentic products.

Disguised as animal bait that the fishing target loves, or made into other lures that can stimulate the fish’s predatory response. The hook is the part that is tied to the fishing line and acts as a barb. So if you want to pay more attention to the knowledge of fishing gear, please come here! The above information comes from China!.Generally speaking, fishing gear is divided into 4 types according to structural characteristics and operating principles. Such as eel cages, shrimp cages, conch cages, etc. Provide consumers with professional fishing gear trading platforms and information, and have abundant fishing gear resources.

In marine fishing, fish, cephalopods, crustaceans and other animal baits are generally used; in freshwater, earthworms and insects are mainly used. Net fishing gear is composed of net pieces, ropes, floats, sinkers, etc. Fundamentally, the quality of fishing gear can be guaranteed. The former is a rake with sharp teeth and claws, which rakes and digs the fishing objects that are submerged in the mud and sand; the latter includes darts, gunsaws, long-handled hooks and other projectiles and empty hooks, which are aimed at the captured objects during operation.

Cage pots take advantage of the habit of some fishing objects who like to drill holes, and set up cages, pots, conch shells, etc. Fishing gear usually consists of hooks, baits, fishing lines, etc. According to different fishing objects and methods of operation, fishing gear is divided into 9 categories, including gillnets, seine nets, trawl nets, stretch nets, pull nets, spread nets, dip nets, cast nets, and traps. It can be divided into two types: real bait and artificial bait.