Ascari: I Leoni d' Eritrea. Coraggio, Fedeltà, Onore. Tributo al Valore degli Ascari Eritrei.





L'Ascaro del cimitero d'Asmara.

Sessant’anni fa gli avevano dato una divisa kaki, il moschetto ‘91, un tarbush rosso fiammante calcato in testa, tanto poco marziale da sembrare uscito dal magazzino di un trovarobe.
Ha giurato in nome di un’Italia che non esiste più, per un re che è ormai da un pezzo sui libri di storia. Ma non importa: perché la fedeltà è un nodo strano, contorto, indecifrabile. Adesso il vecchio Ghelssechidam è curvato dalla mano del tempo......

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« Controstoria. Etiopia tr...Ascari d' Eritrea. XX B... »

Controstoria. Etiopia tra miti leggende ...... e finzione.

Post n°278 pubblicato il 08 Ottobre 2009 da wrnzla

Controstoria. Etiopia tra miti leggende ...... e finzione.

Schiavismo in Etiopia. Lo schiavismo che  c'era, poi non c'era, poi di nuovo c'era e forse che c'è ancora.....

Note a margine.
- Accettazione da parte della Società delle Nazioni dell'Abyssinia quale stato membro 1923 (Unico stato africano a farne parte)
- Occupazione italiana dell'Etiopia dal 1936 al 1941.
- Restaurazione dell'Imperatore d'Etiopia Hailé Selassié 1941

Tratto da : hansard.millbanksystems.com
Parliament of the United Kingdom. Hansard is the traditional name for the printed transcripts of parliamentary debates in the Westminster system of government.

Debates relevant to slavery in Ethiopia about nr.65
Here below the  short descripion of the firts 10 discussions concerning the subject. Page 1of7.
(for the complete Hansard trascriptions and details Pls. ref. to the following links) Sorted by date. «1 2 3 4 5 6 7»

 ---- Quote
OBSERVATIONS. Mr Austen Layard Commons — June 30, 1865
...of the French, and some of the Gorman potentates, calling on them to help him in a great war against the Mahomedans, and to place him as ruler over the whole of Abyssinia and Ethiopia, and over all the dominions

SLAVERY. Sir Charles Cripps Lords — July 22, 1931
...and our own country in particular are very deeply indebted to the Anti-Slavery Society for the work they have done in connection with the repression and suppression of slavery in all countries daring

SLAVERY. Lords — July 17, 1935
...of the Temporary Slavery Committee of 1932 it begins by mentioning the States where slavery is still legal, notably Arabia, Yemen, Ethiopia, the various Sultanates of the Persian Gulf, with hesitating references

SLAVERY. Lords — July 17, 1935
...Now I come to a country which occupies a prominent place in the Report, Ethiopia. If I were to deal with the subject as the Report does under the headings of status, raiding, and trading, I should

SLAVERY. Lords — July 17, 1935
...to the situation of slaves in the peninsula. It would be glad to obtain information in particular on slavery in the plantations and pearl fisheries. Indeed the appeal for further powers appears on every page

SLAVERY. Lord Robert Cecil Lords — July 17, 1935
...of the Commission to which my noble friend has referred, which reported in, I think, 1925. The matter was then raised by a British delegation in the form of the Slavery Convention in 1925–26, and that was adopted. We

SLAVERY. Lords — July 17, 1935
...the suppression of slavery throughout the world. It has been for a hundred years the special privilege of this country and of each successive Government to regard this as a matter which lies upon their honour

SLAVERY. Lords — July 17, 1935
...this Motion, when we paid a visit to Ethiopia on behalf of the British Anti-Slavery Society and on the invitation of the Emperor himself to advise him as to how he could best liberate the slaves in his country

SLAVERY. Hon. Charles Cochrane-Baillie Lords — July 17, 1935
...three or four slaves in such small craft. I am only asking questions of my noble friend. At the same time I am glad to have heard—and fully concur in—the praise given to the Emperor of Ethiopia for his

SLAVERY. Mr Sydney Arnold Lords — July 17, 1935
...that nearly all his arguments about the slave trade were used in the old slave days to buttress up slavery itself. It was the same kind of argument. I do not think anybody wishes to go back to those days
---- Unquote

«1 2 3 4 5 6 7»

Excerpt from  HANSARD 17 July 1935  →  Lords Sitting. SLAVERY.
HL Deb 17 July 1935 vol 98 cc392-432
Ref. to Link >>>

---- Quote
But I must say—and one speaks just now with great reserve and great thought—that I cannot help thinking that we have a little cause for disappointment with the results already obtained. As was mentioned in the Report of the Slavery Committee, he expressed to us 416 the view that, as a result of the measures he had taken or would take, slavery would be extinct in his country in fifteen or, at the most, twenty years His own people stated to us the probable number of their slaves at 500,000 or 600,000. This was probably a very great underestimate; doubtless they put it as low as they could. But even taking that figure, and taking the figure stated in their own report that some 3,600 had been liberated during the year up to August last, you will see that it will take a very long time at that rate of progress before slavery ceases to exist, even allowing, of course, for the additional decrease in the number of slaves through death.

Here I may digress for a moment to refer to the legislation, to which indeed reference has already been made by the most reverend Primate the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The law of 1924 provided that the children of slaves born after that date should be free. Unfortunately, that law did not abolish the status of slavery as regards existing slaves, only as regards the children who should be born of them. These are entitled to claim their liberty when they reach an age to act for themselves—fifteen or sixteen years—and in the meantime the masters of their parents are obliged to support them.

The number included also, as the noble Lord, Lord Noel-Buxton, has already mentioned, those who were the property of Ras Hailu. When that man, who was the most powerful of the Chiefs in Ethiopia, was convicted of treason, the Emperor confiscated most of his property, and ordered, in a Proclamation of which I saw a translation, those in charge of Ras Hailu's slaves to bring them to a certain place in order that they might receive their freedom. I cannot help thinking that those in charge of his slaves must have used a great deal of discretion in carrying out that order. Certainly popular repute would have assumed that Ras Hailu possessed far more than 200 slaves; he was living in Addis Ababa when we were there, with a very large retinue of 1,000 men, of whom many would be slaves, and probably his subordinates took the opportunity of disposing of the slaves in some other way.

---- Unquote

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   Agli Ascari d'Eritrea 

- Perchè viva il ricordo degli Ascari d'Eritrea caduti per l'Italia in terra d'Africa.
- Due Medaglie d'Oro al Valor Militare alla bandiera al corpo Truppe Indigene d'Eritrea.
- Due Medaglie d'Oro al Valor Militare al gagliardetto dei IV Battaglione Eritreo Toselli.



Mohammed Ibrahim Farag

Medaglia d'oro al Valor Militare alla Memoria.

Unatù Endisciau 

Medaglia d'oro al Valor Militare alla Memoria.



.... Racconterà di un tempo.... forse per pochi anni, forse per pochi mesi o pochi giorni, fosse stato anche per pochi istanti in cui noi, italiani ed eritrei, fummo fratelli. .....perchè CORAGGIO, FEDELTA' e ONORE più dei legami di sangue affratellano.....
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...Dunque tu vuoi essere ascari, o figlio, ed io ti dico che tutto, per l'ascari, è lo Zabet, l'ufficiale.
Lo zabet inglese sa il coraggio e la giustizia, non disturba le donne e ti tratta come un cavallo.
Lo zabet turco sa il coraggio, non sa la giustizia, disturba le donne e ti tratta come un somaro.
Lo zabet egiziano non sa il coraggio e neppure la giustizia, disturba le donne e ti tratta come un capretto da macello.
Lo zabet italiano sa il coraggio e la giustizia, qualche volta disturba le donne e ti tratta come un uomo...."

(da Ascari K7 - Paolo Caccia Dominioni)


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