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Ghost stories: how to contact us tomorrow

Post n°22 pubblicato il 29 Ottobre 2010 da lucyisss

Ghost stories: how to contact us tomorrow

Introduction: The modern technological advances, how to connect a person is easy. A mobile phone, as long as you can always leave a number to find people in the home every household with a telephone, to find a person not be difficult. But the provisional know a person, or a favorite girl, suddenly want to contact each other later, want to stay the other side of the phone, and there was no paper in the case, how to do? Simple it! First written in the hand. When you read over this nonsense written in the hand after the Freeze, and still more with his head to write the insurance and safety.SMS Transfer

After work, when heavy rain should have been more chaotic the chaotic traffic, crowded car on the road, simply could not move. Force according to impatient drivers honking in the rain and thunder among the sound is very loud, but it is not that the role of water deep in the street, in front of the car apparently has been unable to launch a few more, so everything all clogged.

At the entrances to some buildings, stands the rain people, all of them have emerged in an anxious look to, after a hard day's work, who do not want to return home early to go, although there is no limit to human desire, but this time, also becomes quite simple. Like him, then stretch the neck a little stiff acid, watching the rain, eyes open a little pain, his desire was simply trying to find a taxi without passengers, good to his home to go back to it earlier .

However, in such circumstances, to find an empty taxi, probability difficult than anything I'm afraid to see, and a taxi in the rain to pass through, splashes Lao Gao of the spray, but the racing people who ride, or recklessly rushed up to edge of a quarrel in the car, no gentleman of the gentleman, lady also gave lady manners, the outcome, he has no way to read on.

Turn the small rain has not meant, he stood with, more than half an hour, the weather was hot, wet clothes attached to the body, but also reduce the chance of skin breathe, will make people more uncomfortable. He sighed and decided not to wait any longer, out of the road to go, take a chance. His body sideways, out of the crowd, the hands of the briefcase on his head, as the rain stopped pouring, in the slow moving vehicles into, toward the opposite road.

Video capture When he was not yet reached the center of the road, his body has been almost completely soaked, but at this time, he sent a little cheer! No passengers in the taxi car, in front of him! Him a hand, opened the door, Aishen into the car, and into the car in his, while the other side of the car doors are opened, he is almost certain that the two doors open simultaneously, there is a wet man got into the car.

He and the man, almost the same time to sit down, and then, naturally, they look to each other. And into the car he was a woman, aged from top to bottom age, long hair as wet, attached to the head and face, the woman in this case, it seems pretty funny, but he was thinking to myself to drink a cry mining, a beautiful woman! Hu Wang not only both of them, the driver also with the question of vision, turned his head, his prompt decision, the driver of a bayan: "We are together!" Then,He turned to ask her: "that sends you, you go to ... ...." She slightly raised his eyebrows, and she has a very nice natural brows, eyebrows are bright eyes, eyebrows, still stained with a few drops of water drops, she stayed half a second, only to say an address, voice low, he relayed it again. Drivers still look a bit unnatural, he lowered his voice: "will pay a higher fare, you drive!"

The driver did not say anything, the rain is still great, the car moving very slowly, about five minutes, moving only a hundred meters. At first, he kept his gaze forward, but, at the front of the mirror, he can still see her sitting beside him, and when he found himself really no way we resist not looking at her he simply openly, as close as possible to their side of the door body, turned his head and looked at her. She looks a little rude to blame him, he made a helpless gesture, quite naturally, said: "Miss, I am a normal man psychology of beauty, is always tempted to watch it!" Emerged the look of a faint smile, migraine in the past, not sullen look, a great "you look to see fill intended. desktop video He is a big happy encounters this situation, too much like the plot of movies or novels, and in the boring life, can be said to be very exciting embellishment. His breath, even with the aggressive look. Her clothes all wet, attached to the body, it is particularly exquisite curve of her show, did not dress too short, but sat, and no opportunity to gracefully seated, so it is two parts Fentui skirt, the smooth his complexion was a little dry throat.

Driving out of the car in the streets with heavy traffic, the traffic a lot faster, he did not think so. Because of his line of sight, has also been moved to remove her. She has maintained the original position, but from time to time a deep breath that made her breasts, would rather look up, he saw that she did not use bras, but also noticed a subtle change on her chest, her Rujian , even in the gradually be strong, do the opposite sex's attention was occupied with a desire to force the TV, but also make women feel excited? He licked the lick lips, gradually dreams, but just then, she suddenly turned, with almost the same as his vision began to watch him. Less than a minute, he knew, when watching the eyes of the opposite sex in such occasion, the invisible eyes and hands visible, role in almost all of his body, immediately had a very strange feeling. Her voice was quite low: "watching the beautiful sex, not men's patented!"

His throat more dry, to swallow mouthful of saliva, but did not have any secretion of the mouth, so the occasion in his throat, for the issue of sound a bit strange, indeed, he himself a little stiff, and generous gesture to maintain the original fixed so the other gaze. He was three minutes long, not eye contact with her until the car suddenly a jolt, he took the opportunity to look to her, and her eye contact with. He was shaking a bit, and that she felt the same shock, he raised his hand, he raised his hands really do not know what to think, perhaps swept aside to help her wet hair sticking to the Jiabian, perhaps like the back of her pale lightly touch, or maybe her nose on to gently tap. However, after the raised hands to find that both want to do, not between strangers should be some action. So his hand, stiff in the air for a while, then put down.

At that time, she has a playful, almost challenging look, as if he suddenly had laughed at the idea of daring, but not put into action. This expression appeared in her face, and also makes him an instant between the Xinyang tough, I do not know how to do. Suddenly the car stopped, the driver has not turned his head, her hand opened the door, before leaving, said the sentence: "See you tomorrow" That is a very common words, but he immediately thought of this situation should not, by her to say,His response quickly, immediately took the opportunity to also say the sentence: "Tomorrow how do we contact?" She smiled, did not know at what time, more than a small pen in hand, he quickly reached out to her in his palm quickly write down seven figures, his heart racing, she has the car, the rain is still great, her slender physique suddenly being lost in the rain. record desktop video

The car is still parked, the driver turned his head very impatient: "Sir, come!" He awakened: "Oh! To the lady, I do not have to!" The driver was irritated: "What Miss! You are not drinking drunk, got on himself, eccentric action! "He was cold, the car air-conditioning feet wet and his clothes:" You do not see ... a woman and I with the car? "the driver mercilessly: "crazy," he spread out his hand, obviously the number seven, has been, always means, no matter how he washed, numbers have been, like tattoos, like, never fade. That is what a group of numbers? He has lost the courage to pursue.


Ghost Stories: destined never fall in love with you

Post n°21 pubblicato il 27 Ottobre 2010 da lucyisss

Ghost Stories: destined never fall in love with you

Midnight, I opened the CD, listening to these days with me through many nights of tears, "Tai Weiqu." Tears could not stop the stay. The end ...... I decided tonight to end all ......

record webcam video
"Peng, this is your packet, you sign this." "Yes." A cell phone, which she gave him, she decided to put their sustenance in the inside, hoping to accompany him forever ... ... purple card, is her favorite color? "Peng, What can this phone close at hand? He can bring you luck, this is my last request to you. always love you, static "

"Hey, how this girl always grow up ah, the old play this silly game, really can not." Then he picked up with this phone, adjust the time zone in the body.

That evening, midnight, the phone rang, "What a mess, music, so ugly, no number displayed? Who? So late?" Peng angry, "I see, is ah, no number, you still hear it, chances are your colleagues do? "Peng said the new girlfriend. "Hey, Who? Most of the night of the" phone side is a girl's voice,

"Peng, I want you to hear your voice I was very happy, I wish you happiness, good-bye." Phone hung up. "Who? So boring, is not you that girl ah?" Peng psychology course know that this is a static call from his girlfriend, but he said to her, how can I ah, I'll you a thing, may be wrong, regardless of her. Shoving the phone to shut. "Go to sleep, there are things to do tomorrow," he groggy and fell asleep.

Early in the morning, the phone rang again, "Hey, Peng, You know that your former girlfriend, is quiet, the day before she committed suicide ......"" not it, your kid will lie The little things, do not understand anything, but also know how to commit suicide? "" Who lied to you, the Public Security Bureau went to people, it is true Ah. "" The day before yesterday, the day before you determine it? "pale Peng weakly asked. "Right, right, last night I had heard, too late do not tell you ah!" Peng once sat on the bed, motionless, and stay there ......

Peng did not call any of the things people say at night, after no longer afraid to carry around, and also has not turned on. This lasted for a week. One night, the telephone rang, but also Tai Weiqu familiar song. Obviously the phone is closed, how could ring ah? His quivering towards the desk, but also a telephone number is not displayed. "Hey, who Ah!?"

Hear it, his voice trembling. "Woo, woo, woo, Peng, I really want you, but also see in you, I can only hear your voice." "Is that you? Quiet, you can not harm me, ah, I'm sorry I know you, but ......" His words would not come down, is guilty or scared, and only he himself knows best. "No, I just want you, I hope you're not intimidated, and if so, then I will not call anymore, I do not want you afraid of me.

Anyway, I hope you can phone with, he really will bring you luck, believe me. Woo, woo, woo "was another cry of desolation. Before Peng spoke, the telephone has hung up. Room deathly quiet, only hear the clock ticking ticking sound, after a long, Peng was recovered, looking at the hands of the phone, or off the ......

Peng ever since that day on the phone every day, really nice to carry around, although they are still not on, but he took it every day, to ignore or so. One day, he drove to work, hit a car reached the junction, just phone to the car suddenly fell out from the bag, he picked it up to at this time, another man got into the car, the car drove off so the.

Peng mental curses, and quickly hit another vehicle, direction of opening to the unit. Had not gone far, just saw the taxi, his pale face looked out the window of the vehicle, "Master, how ah?" "Hey, Kai is a traffic accident, how could such a serious ah?" Drivers and passengers from the car hit them, the glass broken, people who face all fragments of glass, blood everywhere, of course, two persons died on the spot ......

Back to the unit, shaken hard Peng smoking a cigarette in the corridor, and later colleagues Peng said, "see that? Road accident, I heard the brakes suddenly failed, two people were dead," Peng weak nod. Out his cell phone from the bag, actually rang again, but this is not a phone, but a text message: Peng, I'm gone, the future does not look at you, I would not have the afterlife, and destined to never be with me You fall in love, even the next life and then had no chance to love you, but I do not regret, I hope you always happy, love you still. Phone fell into the ground, less than one meter high, but now fell to pieces. Peng Dundao the ground, watching the phone, can not help but flow out two lines of tears. WM Sound Recorder

Peng debris was holding a cell phone, found a monk, and he explained what was going on, the monk said to him, your girlfriend put her spirit to stay in this phone, protect you, your destiny will died in the accident, she used her chance to return for the next life reincarnation of the life of your life, she will never be able to cycle into dust the moment the vast universe, and perhaps become a little star. Peng finished crying, this is really from the heart, at this moment he felt so true to her love. But too late, she will never come back ...... Ghost Story: Do not hit the Enter key

I am a geek, a standard geek.
  Not the network itself attracted me, but because I love the night that peace, as I had worked so obsessively and friends together like the impetuous carnival. I think perhaps one day I will return to the hustle and bustle impetuous, called the law the law of extremes meet. Study wall clock above the door rang about 12 points.

backup text message   I'm sitting at a computer desk, turned right, he pulled open the curtains and screens. Window has been open, because in the middle of the night in this study often smoking, that person is me. At this point, I do not want the day Rangrang the crowd, as long as the sky was clear and my cigarettes with me, a cigarette hanging from the mask of hypocrisy is much more reliable and credible people, it is true. Take a deep a familiar air, line of sight of the dark outside the window, across the floor, the lights went out early, and even the outline of building no longer exists. Yes, that moment I was idealistic, as long as I do not want to exist, it does not exist, and is very real to ignore.

  I'm not sleepy, because today is the weekend, my weekend. Casually into a chat room, find someone to step into the room up, watching them chat or cry or laugh, or play, or trouble, I did not speak, do not want to talk. Approached the friends over without success, walk away, I laughed at the side of the screen, for their own with the power of this silence and denial.

  "Afraid of me? Oh." This remark evoked interest in my chat.

"Not afraid! Hey, I am demon, perhaps it is also more afraid." I replied.

  I do not know why, since the beginning of our dialogue, chat room after another to leave, only one will work to only two of us individuals.

  "People? They are afraid of you here?" I asked with a laugh.

  "They all hang out, to start tomorrow morning." He said dismissively. "Why?" I'm confused, did not he is a hacker? I think.

  "Because I want to give you a man tell my story. Remember, I said, you do not hit the Enter key!"

"Why should I listen to your story? I chosen to hit the Enter key!" Once on shore, the words struck me heavily hit the Enter key, made in the past.

backup sms   Issue that moment, I am a little regret, I admit it was curious, I want to hear his story, but I hit the Enter key is more curious what will happen. But, too late, I have knocked everything inevitable happened. Study in the chandelier suddenly "snap" to flash a spark children off immediately, and without the slightest warning. I think I may be building power failure, often this is the case. However, in front of the computer screen was on, our chats are still displayed correctly.

  一Came straight out of the window open blustery voice, windows and window frames of the crash in the middle of the night is particularly harsh. I move the boss chair to the window, the dark window at the no wind signs, they simply accompanied by no wind, the wind opening closed, then open then close ... ... mind went blank, I stand up to close the windows, the room dark and separated out the window the night, so I would feel a lot safer.

  When I was about to hit the window right hand trembling hands, the screen through the dim light, I saw a pale woman's hand, caught faster than my hand and gently close the window. I have a long hush breath, patted racing in the chest. But wrong! In such a night, in this study, where only one person I never! Home moms, mother in the bedroom next door must have already gone to sleep.

  This hand? The woman's hand is this? Is it? That is indeed a hand, just one hand or one hand there is no arm. I would only slowly retracted along the direction of the hands looked, eyes stopped at a computer screen, this hand actually comes from there!

  The original chat screen has been replaced by a woman in the head. Long black hair covered her entire face her hair fishes continuously to take on my computer desk, spread out the keyboard. Between the drops of blood from black hair to flow down a bit from the keyboard and then flows to the floor beneath my feet.

  I just want to escape, escape this study, but the body seems to be nailed to the computer chair, limbs limp drunk. Efforts to open his mouth, lips that exclaimed "OMG" shape, but actually unable to pronounce any sound throat.

  Bird just close the window of the hand, slowly stretched me, and I involuntary efforts by the chair. Hands off my fingers it will double the cigarette butts dropped on the floor, press interest in the ashtray in front of me, and soon after to retract into the display. I just sat, sat only, any part of my body no longer belongs to me, the only feeling is that my hairs erect, air infiltration from my every pore, I'm sure I'm shaking, shook.

 A desolate empty after the woman's voice from the hair came Youde: "I said do not hit the Enter key, and now I have to personally tell the story for you, Daddy." sms backup


Ghost story: Murderer Phantom

Post n°20 pubblicato il 25 Ottobre 2010 da lucyisss

Ghost story: Murderer Phantom

  Since joining the supernatural will, I never had a day to a peaceful life. Hypnosis for other people all day long, the result is often confused their insomnia. The most troublesome is the total from that to see a group of "ghost" or "God", or mysterious, or panic, and I came to the door to "ask for advice." In fact, everywhere in the world there is not ghosts, people are often scared their own. There are even many cases, is not the most terrible ghost, but the people.

backup text message   Having said that, I think I should emphasize one thing that I moved. Shiji Li Road from the city center here, the environment very good, very quiet. Landlord in the city, once every two months back rent collection. Next door is a man named Nguyen, Nguyen-law, Mrs. Nguyen, Mrs. Nguyen's son and daughter Sealed CJ. CJ is a mere boy, but a strong sixth sense, of something supernatural is also very curious. Therefore, as long as I'm at home, he is my only guest.

  That day, I was home finishing materials. Some people knock on the door, turned out to be CJ.

  "What do you do?"

  "Von sister, today is my grandmother's birthday, our family invite you to my house for dinner!" CJ friendly way.

  "I am - not right?" I've never been to his house yet.

  "What kind ah? Well we are neighbors. To give me a face as good!" Saying this he pulled me to his home.

  I sat in the living room, suddenly found a corner of the living room sat a white shirt, black pants, old man. I think I've never seen him? But perhaps their house guest. I was about to acknowledge her, her mother would end a bowl of soup Nguyen out of the kitchen.

  "Ms Fung, sit down and eat ah." She said.

  "Asked the old man has come eat." I spoke, he refers to as the old man sitting just where to find what the old man disappeared. But all are still around, ah!

  "There is not any old man ah? Ms Fung, eyes you spend it?"

backup sms   "Oh, may be it." "This ah - that you are not busy with work ah? Hey, we must pay attention to the body ah!"

  "Oh, thank Nguyen mother." I really took the eye to see it? I never doubt your own eyes. The next day, Nguyen mother died. Fell from the balcony. We deeply grieved. CJ red eyes, choking back tears, said he was a child and grandmother to do, "a child, my parents not at home, my sister and I are related to living with her grandmother, she hurt us -" I kept comforting him. However, a habit that my attention from a problem that CJ had never mentioned his grandfather. Of course, to see him so sad, I'm not good to ask. Buried his grandmother that day, I went. Talk back, I found not very right about CJ's look.

  "CJ, how is it?" "Von sister, do not know how, I always have a sense of foreboding. The old think there will be something to happen, really, this feeling more and more intense!" He said pale.

  I felt a chill straight into the vest, so can not help but shiver. "CJ, there is nothing, but you are too sad." I tried to make me calm him down. "No, Feng sister, I mean really, I'm afraid there is a reason, my sixth sense is very strong you know. How you do not believe me?" He got a little upset. "No. CJ, calm down, talk about something else right?" I tried to change the subject, "Oh, yes, how do I heard you mention your grandfather do? Please tell us about the things he ? "I actually Biechu the problem. Flash of his face look odd, but soon calmed down, saying softly: "dead, a few decades ago." "CJ, you tell Mom, tonight I'll have to go back." Sealed Air did not know when it came over on the CJ said. "All right, sister." "Then I go first."

 I accidentally looked at the back of Sealed Air, suddenly found ... ... the next morning, I'm writing the report about the supernatural. Suddenly, I smelt a strange smell, - gas? ! Is the CJ came home!

  I hastened to the police. But the fire brigade arrived, late, although the off gas, but Sealed Air has died in the bedroom. Mrs. Nguyen to go out shopping early in the morning, while CJ went to work at an earlier time, but Sealed Air has always had the habit of getting up late. CJ's prophecy realized? !

  Less than two weeks to lose two loved ones, I can not imagine CJ's sad. Nguyen wife came home and passed out, came back from the hospital after they eat or drink. I think I can do is only to comfort them. I thought I saw in their home that the old man, the day I saw the back of Sealed Air, she actually walked next to the old man, but she was unaware. How all this happened? Just a coincidence?

  The next few days, I found that CJ has become strange. He always looked at a non-guess his mother, or just quietly, looked at him like demons in the grandmother's room. Whenever this time, I felt a chill is trembling. Does he have any premonition? Or his grandmother has a secret room? That day, I take the opportunity to work after he entered the room of his grandmother. Mongolian furniture in the room with a thick layer of dust, it seems that no one since the death of Nguyen-law had come. I look around the room, suddenly found that it sets the bottom right of the old desk has a drawer and locked it. Lock has had a very thick layer of rust, it seems a long time have not opened. Is this a secret inside?

  I spent a lot of effort only then open the lock, they found a black and white drawer in addition to the photograph nothing. This is a four fifty years old photos, image has been somewhat blurred, but still able to distinguish the above is a woman. Woman wearing a cheongsam, the men wearing a suit, his family should be good. Oh, yes, this man seems to have seen where I thought for a long time ... ... can not remember. By the way, ask the CJ, he must know, and might even prevent the next tragedy! CJ came to the company, his colleagues said he did not come that day! But I heard that I was surrounded by his neighbor would have come.

  "I heard that CJ died two weeks, two family home, is it?" "This ... ... a bolt thing." "Hey, CJ work can be serious, never been late before." "But once the exception, that is, ** day morning."

sms backup   ……   ** On the morning? Sealed Air is the death day? ! He went to work early that day is not it? Nguyen, she had to go out and then ... ... I puzzled over the brain into the elevator, the elevator door slowly closed the moment, I found a white shirt after the old man slowly from the door. Is that the old man, CJ home that the old man! He turned and looked at me indifferently, and then quietly journeyman ... ...

  I suddenly have a suffocating feeling, but soon back to God, I just quickly open the elevator doors closed, and rushed out. Looking around, the whole corridor ... ... an empty chill rushed vest, my forehead sweat seeping ... ... phone rang, CJ calling.  

  "Von sister, my mother disappeared!" CJ called panic. "Well, CJ, you first cool, so I came back to say!"

I go home, CJ was sweating profusely and said: "My mother went out early in the morning, until now has not come back. I'm really afraid she would happen, she is the only family I had!" "Well, I know. CJ, calm down, police it?"

"I have been, and can take 24 hours after they said to file the case. But I can not wait, because I have a sense of foreboding."

"Well, I know. Then we do something about it?"

"Think of a way? Von sister, you are not supernatural would it? Not use this way?" "You mean ... ... hypnosis?"

 Evening, I sat CJ on, I use fluorescent light according to him, shook hands with a pocket watch. "CJ, I want to be hypnotized you. Because you and your sister's brain waves are very close, so I decided to connect to her through your field. She, though dead, but she's magnetic field there, this is what we normally said the ghost. Well, now you looked at the watch, with no distractions, just a sentence: "I am Ruanxi Yue '."

  Suddenly, I found him staring eyes wide open behind me, I felt a chill on the vest attack, I turned my head ... ... the results of nothing, CJ how, I was about to turn in the past, only to find the head suddenly smashed heavily about, it fell in front of me a black ground. But I tried not to faint, I held back the pain to see the eyes wide open, but found the hands of CJ's roots do not know where carrying a stick, he looked at me coldly smile ... ...

  "CJ, you ... ... Are you crazy?!" I held back the pain, to struggle together. "Well. Von sister, cut it out. You already know everything." He admitted to a laugh. "I know everything? You talking about ah?" "Less loaded count!" Became combative look in his eyes, "you go to my company do? There, you go to my grandmother room, open the drawer to do? You already suspect me!"

  "Sealed Air is really killing you?"

  "They are killing me." "What? That Nguyen wife her ... ..." "Is. Her body was still under my bed. Grandma was pushing me to go on her from the balcony, as Ruan Xiyue Well, I was out the door early in the morning, but did not go to the company, so my mother went out after I got home, the gas turned on. Do you have any questions? "he smiled. "Today you are going to kill me to silence it?"

  "I have no idea." "I do not understand. Why did you kill your relatives?"

  "They are not my relatives!" He said with a little bit excited, "Well, in order to let you know die, I tell you. That you call the 'Nguyen-law' is not what I pro-grandmother, she is just my grandfather selected first wife's parents, my grandfather did not allow it. when he was studying in the U.S. to know Ms. Chen is the photo the woman, she is the grandmother of my parents, but that the wicked woman was killed when My dad just born. that woman to the property, and to force my dad and her niece, Mrs. Nguyen is married to your name. The woman had just died, her husband, with a Ruanxi Yue came to my house, but also, and the old woman forced go to my mother. My father later committed suicide. Well, they think I do not know, my grandfather was dying to tell me everything. What else do you say? "

  Although I usually touch the most is death, but now I've never felt the fear of death the first time I felt like I was almost off. I distinctly saw the hands of a knife flashing CJ cold pressing.

  "CJ, you listen to me," I knew I had to hold him, "I have seen the ghost of your grandfather ... ...."

  He surprised a moment, then laughed, "Haha, Feng sister, you spread this lie was not wise."

  "I did not need to lie to you, I've seen him three times. He was not wearing a white shirt, black pants, gray hair and about 1 meter tall and 68?" I found CJ had stopped laughing, "I first met He is in your home the next day her mother died Nguyen. The second time was at her funeral, I saw her around in Sealed, Sealed Air also died the next day. No matter how they died, at least your grandfather portends death. "CJ white face has started, so I continued:" Today I see him again in your company, I sentence that I might be trouble, so now I have nothing of it ... ... The most important is that your grandfather is standing behind you! "I resorted to the last sentence of the body's effort to roar loudly.

  CJ instant face pale, his brow a cold sweat oozing, "You lied to me! You lie to me!" Then hurriedly looked around.

  I seize this opportunity to boost his side as he took out his mobile phone alarm, "CJ, your grandfather certainly do not want you to kill a. Lay down your sword now! Or you'll like them, and Nguyen's mother."

  CJ is clearly the collapse of the spirit out of shape, he began to run around the side of the room, while called: "You lie, Grandpa will not let me die! They deserve death!" A few minutes later, police broke down the Doors ... ...

  CJ arrested, I asked a friend of mine - a well-known psychiatrist, testified for the CJ, Card Ming Xijie schizophrenia, the only way he will not be sentenced to death. Although I know he did not, but I do not want to live in his house last people to die. However, when he was acquitted, I clearly see his eyes boundless silence.

  Two months later, ** psychiatric hospital.

  I was a doctor to the CJ in the ward. His glassy eyes sitting on the ground, such as looking at the wall, but also like to see something else through the wall, the mouth is also recited.

  "He said what?" I asked the doctor。  "We also do not understand, what he seems to say 'I want to kill you', 'Grandpa does not want me to die'. Each of mental patients is very strange." Physician shrugged his shoulders.

  CJ really mad. Very hard to imagine that so many hate pressure on him so many years, how unemotional he wants to bear. Over time, the hatred has become the backbone of his live, when hate is gone, as if he suddenly lost the backbone to survive. This is what he really crazy reason? However, his grandfather it? Even the dead must be avenged. Of course, the day his grandfather did not appear at his side, I just lied to make himself get out before him.Contacts Transfer

  Why do people have such a great power of hatred? One can hate a decade, decades, even centuries! And love one person? Really have the "eternal" do? Perhaps, only the moment before his death in people, will understand the "tolerance" is. People in the eradication of hatred as well as elimination of its own. People were really scary ... ...


Ghost Stories: baby evil (1) February 13, 1998

Post n°19 pubblicato il 22 Ottobre 2010 da lucyisss

Ghost Stories: baby evil (1) February 13, 1998

  My hometown in Fengdu Fuling, a mountain village near the River. In one of life's most black night, I was raped Lee original. Lee was originally the county's number one Popi, took root pipe down all day East tour West shopping, evil. I Yishanbuzheng go home crying, the father has actually picked up an ax cowardly, will be bench cut in one fell swoop!backup text message

  I quickly stopped and said: "hacked him, you are condemned to death! Than against him." Dieshui: "sue? You dare! Tonight you refuse to marry Li Yuan is the end!" It now appears that the day I should be extremely grateful with a second split of the father begged me, because compared to later in life and death almost heaven.

  But I afraid of father, no talk.

  April 18, 1998

  Yat-day fall in love with Joe, is the original Lee and I got married in the night. He is the richest man in here, stay in a ancestral family business, Yibiaorencai, smart and hardworking, gentle. I know he will love me because I know I am beautiful, in such a backwater, I am beautiful and unexpected, and stands out. I know the village people will say I secretly inserted into cow dung on the flowers.

  I know, flowers, should not be inserted in the cow dung, so Yat-day affair with Joe, I never have any guilt. Lee went to the original work (said to be working, but he never sent a penny to the house), 2 months after he left home one night, I went to Joe Yat-day home. July 26, 1998 after a yard tall, gloomy old acacia trees, flowers slightly smoked, I stepped into the house, its gorgeous and amazing. backup sms

  "These are your parents left behind?" I said.

  He smiled and said: "No, this was my early years the Mansion can not tell, it does not, I bought some brick mortar, would like to repair this." Qiao Yi days left hand around my right hand clutched a palm ice, ice water along his outstretched index and middle fingers through the thin as onion skin nightgowns, moisturizing to my cleavage, and then sliding the fingertips to the right, stopped at my nipples, the transient burst of cold Qinru my spine, I could not help trembling slightly, feeling the expansion, expansion, never had the firm.

  The river in my body has melted, melted, and then flooding. Suddenly, the yard came the "Benedict" is heard, I could not help the creeps. Yat-day look, and he held his breath and listened in rapt attention.

  I have a low voice asked: "Who is?" Yat-day did not answer, quietly approached the door. By the light of the room, I saw: Li Yuan! How could he come back?

  Shameless, I killed you! Li Yuan cried rushed into the house, "pa", Yat endured days of his face, a reel, Li Yuan went to the front of me. I only saw his ashen face a pair of eyes in the fire-breathing, and "Om" is heard, the head suffered a heavy blow, I fainted. I wake up and see my man side to the ground, under the head in a pool of black blood on the floor.

  "He pinch your neck, I used the iron to him again." Yat-day look at him, desperate and unable to speak. I shiver, her head buried in his arms, said: "how do? All because of me ... ..." "so late, perhaps no one knows the village he comes back, is it?" Said the village will not know it We are for good, is not it? "Can not destroy us, is it?" Yat-day as if said to me, and like himself.

  Then he said: "Come on, help me to hide him." We began to drag that rely on the north wall of the mahogany wardrobe, too heavy, they carried the same side, only the cabinet legs, "Zhi Zhizhi" to sliding on the ground, it sounds creepy, cold sweat. Might be about thirty minutes before we exhausted to put it away.

  He also took a hammer hit the wall, when the emergence of a black hole on the wall, he said: "If so! My father and I said, when in order to avoid bandits, where our ancestors built a one Jiaqiang, is said to bring food and water, a person can hide in there for months, from the outside that can not see you? "I can not help probe into view, the tidal wave rushing toward us with a musty, dark adaptation, I see the inside of the case. It was one high, two long small room, very narrow, barely turn around in there.

sms backup   Li Yuan Yi-day will go into, let him lie down in that eerie, never the light of day in the cave. Then he went to the yard carry to plaster and cement, brick home will be removed. When the last layer of puzzle, slide into a brick hole, which came a voice, such as crying, like moaning, like a sigh.

Ghost Stories: baby evil (2):http://www.worldofwarcraftblogs.com/0shenghua0


The classic joke: toilet woman - Kylie

Post n°18 pubblicato il 20 Ottobre 2010 da lucyisss

The classic joke: toilet woman - Kylie

I remember a strange encounter five years ago, it was in the toilet of a cinema occurred. I had arranged to go to the theater, and a group of friends to choose the most recent X cinema. This theater has been pretty calendar, but after a major renovation, was able to attract large number of people admitted to hospital theater tickets, we are on Sunday at her to use the service after rehabilitation.

record webcam video
Inside decoration is indeed good, neat and comfortable chairs to sit just fine, and air-conditioning and cold enough, it may for this reason that I saw in the movie half, suddenly felt urgency, busy inviting friends to accompany me to the toilet, it is not one willing to accompany me, although my heart was afraid, but they no longer tolerate, the only bile cursory ran from the dark side of the toilet seat. I came back to see the first frame in the twinkling of an eye, a woman squatting in the toilet to find something, because of the really urgent, I did not see her doing that on the final use of cubicles.

When done, wash your hands when I go out, glancing from the mirror behind the woman still inside, her hands caught in the trash a few items into his mouth, seems to relish, when she is back towards me , so I can not see her exactly what to eat, when she suddenly turned toward me, said: "Eat well, ah .......!", mouth also mount a little bloodshot eyes, look at her hands The so-called food to seize something, even after use is discarded sanitary napkins women, and I bolted out of the screaming, ear has heard, "You like to try!" voice of terror.

Audience outside of friends and cast a strange perspective to live in me when I saw the horror just said to them, some daring the audience to see into the toilet, but did not see anything, but I doubt nervous, but I can not explain as much as possible, they believe, pale-faced friends, I was escorted home, and even opera endless.

webcam video After returning home, I was sick a few days, the cinema that I absolutely can not go to it, and also heard that for no reason before the women's toilet in that room collapsed, died in hospital half-way, health care staff in the emergency after another car heard her and said: "Well .... fear of terror ,.... .. ....... ah well .. dirty!" has been the repeated. To know the horrors she saw and I saw the scene is not the same.

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