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Beatles forever

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Chapter two

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19-11-2007 - 20:52


"I just shot John Lennon," Chapman replied, accurately enough.



is impossible'... John Lennon walking on water. Late 1970s or early

'80s. The red wax chop at the bottom was designed by Lennon.


John and Yoko embracing, 1969. The red wax chop at the bottom was designed by Lennon.


Self portrait with Sean, 1979. The red wax chop at the bottom was designed by Lennon.

1995 - La televisione inglese BBC trasmette un’intervista shock

alla principessa Diana. Racconta l’esperienza di vita a corte, i problemi

di salute causati dalla bulimia, e l’infedeltà al marito.

1995 - Le radio di tutto il mondo trasmettono un brano inedito dei

Beatles: “Free as a bird”.





painting I took a picture of in the Harrods "Born to Rock out with

you.." something display. It was a painting of John Lennon done by

Ronnie Wood of the Stones legacy.


1889 - Edwin Powell Hubble (astronomo, sviluppatore del concetto di

universo espanso)


Scattatta a

(Visualizza altre foto qui)Walking

to or from Central Park on West 72nd Street, one is sure to see people

taking photos of this entryway into the Dakota, the place where John

Lennon was murdered. They are invariably tourists, generally not from

the United States, and after they grab their shot they board either a

Gray Line doubledecker bus, or a private tour coach, and go somewhere



1925 - Robert Kennedy (senatore americano, fratello dell’ex presidente

John Fitzgerald Kennedy)

John Lennon exibit at the Hard Rock Cafe.


1927 - Estelle Parsons (attrice: Oscar per “Bonnie e Clyde”)

1947 - Joe Walsh (chitarrista e cantante degli Eagles: “Hotel


1955 - Angela Finocchiaro (attrice: “Dio vede e provvede”

“La tv delle ragazze”)
John Lennon mural project, acrylic 2005.


Upon this very piece of Paper, John Lennon scribbled the lyrics to "Drive my Car"


36°51' 38" N, 75°58' 43" W

John Lennon's acoustic guitar.

Rockfish - Virginia Beach

June 2007


This is where John Lennon was shot. His wife still has a residence in this building.

1957 - Jimmy Brown (batterista degli UB40)
Some may say I am a dreamer too, while some others say that I am a realist.

Some days I feel like a dreamer. Other days I feel like a prisoner of logic.

But when you chance upon a plaque that reads lyrics off John Lennon,

you, like everyone else, wish the a world of love and oneness.

John Lennon Guitar found at a market in Düsseldorf

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