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Italy and Japan enter RWC bid

Post n°101 pubblicato il 12 Maggio 2009 da angelo190

Japan and Italy have both officially confirmed they will bid for the right to the host the 2015 Rugby World Cup

England and South Africa have already announced their bid to host the event.


All four competing unions will travel to Dublin on May 13 to present their cases to the International Rugby Board.


Current holders South Africa, Italy and Japan are also pitching for the 2019 World Cup. A decision on the host unions for both events will be confirmed by the IRB on July 28 after a specially convened council meeting.


The £80million tournament fee demanded by the IRB has proven a major stumbling block for the unions bidding for 2015 in such tough economic conditions.


But South Africa, the 1995 World Cup hosts, received clearance to bid after striking a funding deal with the national government.


Italy and Japan also have major central funding support while England have agreed a package with the British government.


South Africa's bid for 2015 or 2019 will lean heavily on the investment and infrastructure improvements currently being undertaken ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


Asia has never staged the Rugby World Cup but the Japan bid has wide support in the region and is expected to include a proposal to play some matches in Hong Kong and Singapore.


"This is a special bid as it is a bid for rugby in Asia," Japan Rugby Football Union (JRFU) chairman Nobby Mashimo said in a statement.


"With the support of our friends from all 26 unions in the region, and the backing of the Japanese government and business community, we believe that we can deliver a Rugby World Cup that will capture the hearts and minds of people and provide the platform to take rugby to new levels in Asia."


Japan launched a stinging attack on the IRB after losing out to New Zealand in the bidding for the 2011 World Cup, accusing the sport's traditional powers of "passing the ball among themselves" at the expense of spreading the game globally.


With the 2011 tournament being held in the southern hemisphere, England are the strong favourites to host the 2015 World Cup with Japan firming as the early favourites for 2019.


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