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Post n°6 pubblicato il 28 Marzo 2013 da basisexcept

Imagine if you will, all the worlds oil deposits running out right now. What do you think would happen to the world we know? I shudder to think what the world would become. To be sure, it would be a waking nightmare of the collapse of governments and societies that would cause world wide catastrophic bloodshed and destruction. When you stop to analyze the reality of the impact of petroleum on the world, you soon discover that it is the basis for all of today's technology. There is not an industry that doesn't rely on oil directly or indirectly. All transportation would cease, which means grocery stores would run out of food within a few days due to widespread looting and hording. Most electric service would cease. Virtually all commerce of any kind would grind to a halt. In short it would be a cataclysmic world wide readjustment of life.

While the likelihood of the entire world running out of oil all at once isn't probable, it is worth considering that oil is a finite resource that will run out eventually. It doesn't matter whether it runs out all at once or is running out gradually. The reality is that it will run out, and as it runs out, it gets more expensive, not to mention that as it runs out, people and nations become greedy and possessive. When peoples and nations way of life become threatened, they often resort to violence and war. It is just basic human nature, that as a resource like oil, which is so fundamental to the worlds way of life is in danger, that it will cause war and bloodshed. I for one, don't wish to live in a world like that. I would much prefer to heed the lessons of history and take action now, before such a scenario takes place.

We have some alternatives that are available right now that can help us all avoid the inevitable nightmare scenario. Now is the time to start making your home energy independent! The more energy independent we are, the more secure we are. Just imagine living in a home that produces all of its own electricity. You would no longer be a slave to the rising cost of oil. This is not a dream, but can be a reality for most of the industrialized world. Between solar and wind technology, most homes could be off the power grid most of the time. The sad reality is however, that the political process is heavily influenced by the giant worldwide oil machine monster, which brings us full circle, back to the fact that oil is the foundation of the worlds prosperity. Changing that reality can only happen from a grass roots level. We must all take advantage of what is available while it is still available, because none of us knows the hour when the oil machine will run dry.

In spite of resistance from big energy, most people know about solar and wind technology, and most people know that there are government and industry programs that can help the average person get an affordable system for there home. Whether it is a system that generates a small percentage or generates enough energy to sell power back to the grid isn't important. If you can afford to pay your electric bill, you can afford a renewable energy system for your home.

Every state has programs to help get a renewable energy system for your home, and there are federal tax incentive programs that can be used as well. Now is the time to take advantage of the programs that are available.

Renewable and sustainable energy is the only future that humanity has, if we want to have a future at all. The road that the industrialized world is on now is a dead end and will only lead to more and more human suffering and destruction. The word sustainable says it all. We as a species, must make the worlds economy from sustainable resources. A world built from sustainable technology can and will be as abundant as the one built from petroleum. It is not hard for me to imagine that a world built from sustainable technologies can even be more abundant that one built from finite resources. Logic tells me that sustainable resources are infinite resources and that finite resources are completely illogical to rely upon. Therefore, sustainable means infinite abundance.

I hope you'll join me in changing the course of human history for the better in the sustainable energy revolution.

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