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Marin Muirwoods 29er Bike

Post n°5 pubblicato il 24 Maggio 2013 da pricevote

I've been using these stunning earphones for quite some time and still, it's working well. I'm new to this brand, but I can say it does a good job. The has an excellent sound quality, you can compare it to those well known brand.

It fits perfectly in my ears, it doesn't slip or whatsoever. It comes with a very elegant case that is perfect for travelling. When I'm using this headphones, no noise were participating, it seals out the good quality sound. Plus, the design is so beautiful, looks elegant. For the price, it's not bad. Overall, I like it a lot! Satisfaction guaranteed. Last time I checked Amazon they were offering 67% off its retail price, plus free shipping. I can't promise they are still offering it at the time of you reading this but it worth a try just click

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