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Am i the fastest parkinsonian?

Post n°24 pubblicato il 29 Dicembre 2007 da italolazzaretti_2007
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Someone will ask: "are
there competitions for Parkinsonians ?" how can i become the fastest Parkinsonian in the world ?.these questions might sound as provocations because
Parkinson’s disease is a progressive ,weakening pathology .Someone might think
it 's a dirty trick  will try to explain
what i means.

I introduce myself.


I have been suffering from Parkinson disease for 16 years

My age now :61 years old

sport :track athletis: 200 and 300  metres

200 m
hurdles 38"50/100 year 2005

300 m hurdles 57"29/100 year 2007

Which gave me the third place in the Italian master championship.

There are no competitions for Parkinsonians so i ran against healthy athletes of my same age.
This is my double proposal:

1) addressed to people who suffer from Parkinson disease:to make everyday a bit of exercise because this is a non toxic medicine

2)addressed to researchers and doctors offer myself as an "intelligent" guinea-pig (forgive my presumption) for studies and researches.

Are these only sports performances? or might it be an subject to study?
thank you for your attention.
italo lazzaretti

italo lazzaretti
via Faraday 15
42100 Reggio Emilia

utente skype: italo.lazzaretti
email italolazzaretti_2007@libero.it


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